Here please post you're general thoughs about the AA Store and also your store Item "wishlist" and also what items you have from the store that you really liked that you think the rest of us should check out!

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My General thoughts of the store: VERY helpful to atheist and with useful items and reasonable prices. I AM a member, but I also like how they let non-members purchase items too.

Items I would like to purchase at somepoint: "Atheism Advanced" [Book] , "Atheist Pamphlets and Handouts" [to give to theists who don't listen to my explanations and ask stupid questions over and over], an atheist bumper sticker [when I have a car], and "100 False Bible Prophesies."

Items I love and would suggest:
1. American Atheists travel coffee mug
2. "The Jesus the Jews never Knew." - Provides some compelling evidence for the non-existence of even the historical jesus christ, through the lack of evidence for his existance.


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