The 2010 American Atheist Convention should be a BLAST! Unfortunately, I can't go this year. I highly doubt my parents would let me trek across the country by myself for a few days. ;_;

But anyhow for those who are interested, the 36th National convention of American Atheists is going to be held on April 2 - 4 in Newark, NJ [right across the River from NYC]. Conventions [from what I've heard] usually have famous speakers, food, and rare Atheist Items available for purchase as well as discussion on current Atheist relevant events. [I've never been to one myself though, so don't take my word on it! Check it out for yourself on the site!]
For those of you who are interested in going, "passes" to the convention can be bought on the American Atheist Store, usually for less than $200.
What I want to discuss here is:
1. Who's been to an AA convention in the past, and what was it like.
2. Who's going to the 2010 convention? What are you looking forward to most in the upcoming event?
3. Who wishes they could go, but can't?
4. Who wants to know more about the convention or has questions about it?

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I can't go... *Sob*... but some of you, PLEASE go for me!


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