A lot have been said in the name of Rationalism but the struggle continues, its high time we get united and work for the common good of humanity, i think Humanists, Free thinkers, Atheists, Agnostics, Brights, Universalists all need to raise out their voices all in the name of actions in all that they are doing and inform the world that all we need is to be good people and hardworking for the good of humanity and all the things provided by nature.We should live exemplary lives and live by the golden rule of loving our neighbor or friends as we love ourselves, not doing things that we ourselves wouldn't be done to ourselves, calling a spade a spade and so on.

Many people have rational views but tend to hide to call themselves what they are !.

Creationists plus some religions have invested a lot in schools, hospitals, banking institutions, charities plus of course investing a lot in building and extending religious establishments in terms of places of worship to mention but a few.

In my opinion i hope Free thinkers the world over depending on what each and every person does, we should labor a lot at investing in these same stuff so that the world realizes that we can also create an impact on peoples lives. We should be open and promote free thought in every thing we do such that people just get to know that there exists an alternative to one being religious or non religious for example in more years to come i would love to hear of More Humanist schools, Atheist Hospitals, Rationalist Stores,Free thought Supermarkets, Also businesses can be named by quoting outstanding personalities that have come by and fight for Free thought, Promote Scientific knowledge and Science Philosophy.

As a Ugandan, i have only done step one and initiated Kasese Humanist Primary School whose link is at  http://www.kasesehumanistschool.webs.com  and this is actually the beginning but i am hopeful i am going to open several ventures in the name of promoting free thought but why i am doing this is to show to the world that you can be good without believing in a god. 

I would like to hear what free thinkers from other areas have to say.....

You can make an addition, subtraction, a comment or  make a suggestion to the discussion.

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