I'm sharing this information with the proviso that from my position it is all hearsay. I don't stand with any of the factions, since I don't believe any of them have disclosed the whole story. I am primarily concerned with the situations of Norm Allen, Deborah Goddard, and African Americans for Humanism.

Here are relevant links to the debate regarding the Center for Inquiry's financial crisis, closing of offices, and layoffs.





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Wow. That's strange. Usually the type of treatment he received (assuming the story is true) is reserved for people who have embezzled funds or something. This sucks for those of us who have recently "come out" as black atheists. I hope eventually as the economy recovers, these organizations will restore to full staff again.
There are interlocking sets of questions:

(1) the specific manner in which Norm's termination (even if unavoidable) was handled;

(2) why these layoffs and office closings were necessary in the first place; and . . .

(3) the management issues involved in both of these questions.
At this point I've given up the hopeless task of pointing fingers or defending specific positions on matters I cannot personally verify. For my latest take on these developments, see my blog:

From CFI crisis to 'Neo-Humanism'


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