This list is for online and offline resources produced by African/African American atheists. It’s important for those in religious and atheist communities to see that there indeed Africans and African Americans who are atheists, who are writing and talking about issues related to atheism. 

When you add a resource, please provide names, links, and titles for accessing that resource. You might also include a short descriptive reason for why you‘re recommending a particular resource.

I know there are several YouTube videos done by Black atheists, but I‘m not sure if someone has pull them together in one channel. If there are YT videos that really stand out, please post links to them.

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My top recommendations:

Reginald Finley’s Infidel Guy Show. ( Reginald has been a long-time atheist activist and podcastor. His Socratic style of interviewing makes his show must-download for topics related to atheism.

Norman R. Allen, Jr.—writer for Free Inquiry magazine. Executive Director of African American for Humanism. (
YouTube interview with Mr. Allen:
There are new initiatives popping up all the time. I'm sure I'm behind in updating my own web guide. Here it is:
Oh cool, RD, it seems like you already have a list developed. Let’s not reinvent the wheel.

What would be really awesome is if we could actually turn your bibliography on Black atheism into a very visual web page. Often times, I think people pay more attention to information when it includes visual elements.

Thanks for sharing this.
Thanks, Adriana. If you could, please provide a short one-sentence reason for why you recommend this site.
Cool, Adriana. I just bookmarked a few of her articles. I don’t I ever read her before. Looking forward to. Thanks.


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