Addiction Recovery (without submitting to a god)


Addiction Recovery (without submitting to a god)

I chose the lotus flower to represent this group because it grows out of mud and muck. It thrives despite its surroundings. Much like a person recovering, you can become something beautiful in spite of your past...

I have struggled with addictions all my life. I have also become all too familiar with the teachings of the famous 12 step groups at places such as AA....and I have gone through the process of recovery. I am still in recovery.

I used to think that the 12 steps was all there was. When it wasn't enough for me, I spiraled out of control. I knew I was headed for death or jail if I continued down my path of self-destruction. I did submit to god as my higher power.

I am now an anti-theist. I am angered that I wasted so many years honestly believing that I was cured because of what jesus did for me. I am angry that I wasted so much time believing that.

My message, and vision for this group is to educate people about addictions of all kinds and show through advocacy that we do not need to submit to a god to get ourselves well. I hope to shine a light on the science behind addiction, and to understand the biological, chemical, genetic, environmental, psychological, sociological, and even anthropological factors at play when one suffers from any kind of addiction. I hope we can all teach each other something about it. And, like any kind of support group, I encourage anyone suffering from an addiction to post their experiences. I hope that this group will serve as an accompaniment to my PTSD group, since many people with PTSD also suffer from addictions. Last but not least, I hope to make people smile, and bring about hope to atheists who happen to be living in the midst of an addiction.

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Comment by Pope Beanie on April 20, 2017 at 6:11pm

I have no substance addictions, but I'm also interested in alternatives to religious-based services. Scientology also has detox programs that work, albeit the "cure" can be worse than the addiction when it comes to careers and family relationships.

So what is it that spiritual orgs have that others don't? Is the spirituality only the attraction, or is it also part of the cure?


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