The Skeptics of Think Atheist deserve their own logo and I have sought out the help of James, a graphic designer and atheist, to design it. However, James quickly designed six new logos and I am having trouble deciding which I like the best. So that is where you, my fellow Skeptics, come in.

Vote on which one you would like to see become the new logo for the Skeptics of Think Atheist. James will polish up the winner and we'll slap it on our group.

In exchange for Jame's services, Skeptics of Think Atheist will donate $25 to the Think Atheist billboard fund. Don't worry, it is coming out of my wallet. But if you have any spare change laying around, consider contributing to the fund.

A big thank you to James for taking on this side project. If you are need of a graphic designer, check out James' work at his website.

So, without further adieu, here are our choices. Feast your eyes!


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This plays into my affinity for Canucks.
I think it is our American duty to razz them.
Justifiably so, Michel.
Definitely C


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