I have just returned from my first Skeptics in the Pub. It was happening right down the street from me, so despite my recent knee surgery, I could not let the opportunity pass. And I am really glad I didn't.

It is the first time I have ever gone to any type of face to face meeting involving atheism or Skepticism. I have always wanted to, but meetings were always a little too far away or the timing was not right. Online activities were more kind to my schedule and did not require me to go anywhere. But you do lose something by not having that real life experience.

It was such a relief to be around like minded people in the flesh, people I have met online, only I can now look them in the eye.

Good stuff. I'm a little drunk and I thank my wife for being such a good sport.

Have any of you gone out and participated in these sorts of events? If so, what was your impression and what do you think now?

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The face time was refreshing. I got drunk a little too quickly, though.
A common theme I heard from other Skeptics last night was that they were surprised that there were as many like minded people around them as there were. There was at least 25 to 30 people at this one, but apparently the one in downtown St. Louis that DJ Grothe attends often attracts a far larger crowd. It is a heartening thing since I hardly seem to run into Skeptics in my normal, day to day activities.

You might be surprised.
Awesome! Let us know how it goes!
I've been meaning to go to one of these. There is a freethinkers group that has a monthly get together/meeting/dinner in my town. Unfortunately, the timing never works out for me to attend. I'm hoping that I'll be able to make it out to one soon though.
I highly recommend it.


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