Jean Marie Comment by Jean Marie 1 day ago
Delete Comment I know you are new to Think Atheist, i just wanted to make sure you realize, the word "thread" and "discussion" are same things.
I'M PROUD OF YOUR NEW GROUP HERE, ANGELA, and i hope a lot of people see it and learn of your amazing organization!!! KUDOS, Angela!
Jean Marie Comment by Jean Marie 1 day ago

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Thanks Jean Marie.. for your patience with an "older" convert to technology!

Have had a long break from Think Atheist...sorry folks, not intentional and still an ardent atheist. Saw some recent activity which has brought me back! Been to Africa 3 times this year, Ghana, Sierra Leone and South Africa...nothing I have seen convinces me that there is a god of any sort. My visits now total 23 to 10 countries. Women are dying in huge numbers in countries which are very religious. India and Nigeria account for half of the world's maternal deaths. Apparently it is god or allah's will, even though I point out that women are NOT dying in countries which are becoming less religious! I can see in their eyes that they cannot compute this information! My youngest son aged 37 got married in a totally non-religious ceremony. Bride walked in to Etta James.."At Last!" They had Elbow's record..."It's looking like a beautiful day!" Can't believe I wasted so much of my life and my time on religion...catholicism! HUH!   


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