Hey anyone interested: 

I think by answering these questions, we can get a better understanding of what we see ourselves doing and how. 



1) What is our objective with this group?

2) How is the best way to go about seeing that objective attained?

3) What are our ground rules?




These are my answers thus far. They will probably change as we brainstorm and as our ideas become clearer. 

In no way am I saying this is "how it's going to be." in this group. I'm just tossing out ideas and looking for a response.



1) What is our objective with this group?

To educate the public on 1st Amendment Rights and to provide an organized platform for protest. 


2) What is the best way to go about seeing that objective attained?

I would say the best way to accomplish our objectives would be to educate the public on First Amendment Rights through the networking of relevant multimedia. 

By sharing videos, articles and information we can keep our First Amendment Rights at the forefront of our thoughts. We can be aware of where and how the most fundamental of our Constitutional pillars are being eroded. We can be an early warning system to the general public by pushing for national attention and public outcry when these civil rights are infringed upon. We can provide a platform (even if it is just a very humble one) for other people who are hungry to feel involved. 

Emailing, calling, letter writing campaigns. I want this to be the place to go anytime we feel outraged.



3) What are our rules?

No threats of physical violence.

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I agree with your own ideas on those ideas. I would add that part of #1 needs to be making people aware that one cannot use the 1st Amendment as their own weapon against those they want to silence.


Nobody has the right to not be offended by someone else's opinion.


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