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I'm not one of you......

Yes I'm not an atheist, I'm a Christian and I came here to debate. Does anyone see any faults with Christianity? This seems like a very log…

Started by Nathaniel in Religion and the Religious, Atheism and Atheists

496 on Saturday
Reply by Ro3bert

Time Released Education in SC

I live in South Carolina.  My local high school has a religious time released classes.  My question is how are they getting away with this.…

Started by Greg carpenter in Theistic Arguments and Debate Help

11 on Saturday
Reply by David Boots

Rape? Not rape?

If a male has sex with a female who is drunk, normally we would call it rape because she's unable to give informed (clearheaded) consent. B…

Started by Unseen in Ethics & Morals

66 on Friday
Reply by David Boots

Atheists, what do you think of this "modern resurrection"? apparently an Anthropologist we…

Started by Violeta Babacan in Small Talk

15 on Friday
Reply by Unseen


I am Atheist and I talk with my friend's at school about religion and we do a lot of talking on the ways God cant exist. If he is the so ca…

Started by Hunter Goodman in Small Talk

15 on Thursday
Reply by Pope Beanie

Catholicism is terrorism

If Islam is the definition of arrested sociological progression then catholicism is the definition of an organised terrorist organisation.…

Started by David Boots in Small Talk

45 on Thursday
Reply by Gregg RThomas


24 wives in 25 years: B.C. polygamy trial begins Published 3 hours ago Canada’s polygamy laws are on trial for the first time since 1892,…

Started by JadeBlackOlive in Small Talk

9 on Thursday
Reply by Andrew Brown

Sharia Law is a reality

Given that muslim births will outnumber any other faith or non faith by 2035 and given that democracy allows - by the simple mechanism of v…

Started by David Boots in Small Talk

6 on Thursday
Reply by Jake LaFort

More fulfilling consolation of eternal life or one life to live?

I am wondering whether the atheist or theist derives greater psychological benefits in their opposing views of death v. immortality. Theist…

Started by Jake LaFort in Small Talk

32 Apr 19
Reply by Ro3bert

Calling all teachers, professors, and other educators! Evolution in the classroom question!

Hello. I would like to ask a question to any and all teaching professionals on this website. It pertains to evolution in the classroom and…

Started by Anna Wright in Miscellaneous Sciences

8 Apr 19
Reply by Davis Goodman


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