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Questions from an old member who hasn't been around in quite awhile...

Hey Folks, I've been a member here for quite some time, but due to numerous unforeseen circumstances and issues in my life I've not been ab…

Started by Rocky Oliver (LotusGeek) in Small Talk

3 Jul 6
Reply by Rocky Oliver (LotusGeek)

The most popular zodiac sign of atheists

I am a stereotypical virgo and an atheist. I realize all of the zodiac signs have multitudes of atheists, but wonder if there are more athe…

Started by Spike in Pseudoscience, The Paranormal, and Conspiracy Theories

80 Jul 6
Reply by Don Bill

What reason would keep an aircraft from flying higher than 250 feet?

What causes the atmosphere to be so cruel, that the plane falls when it flies higher than 250 feet. Please hypothesize and bring an extensi…

Started by ỮŊĐÜムņĮØńệ尺 in Physics, Astronomy, Cosmology

11 Jul 5
Reply by Pope Beanie

Obama's pulpit: Should elected officials be preaching theology?

I have been googling around for atheist opinions on the president's eulogy June 26th at the AME church in Charleston and haven't found anyt…

Started by Julie W in Church & State

24 Jul 5
Reply by Leo Brignac

Is there an energy resource with such attributes?

Is there an energy substance, element, material, natural or artificial resource with attributes such that: When its moved it loses energy.…

Started by ỮŊĐÜムņĮØńệ尺 in Physics, Astronomy, Cosmology

5 Jul 5
Reply by Pope Beanie

Islam and the contradictions about women

Every Muslim claims that the Quran says there are any differences between the treatments a man receives and the ones the woman receives. I…

Started by Lamia Rhzouli in The Bible, The Koran, and other scripture

12 Jul 4
Reply by Belle Rose

The Problem of Omniscience

I I were God, I'd know the entire history of the universe forever, future as well as past, I'd also know in advance every one of my own act…

Started by Unseen in Philosophy

64 Jul 3
Reply by Unseen

The impossibility of AI

When I was in college, I had a lot of computer science and psychology majors as friends and they all seemed starry-eyedly fascinated with (…

Started by Unseen in Philosophy

85 Jul 3
Reply by FormerlyBornAgain

Beautiful Tresses....a Vision of FREEDOM!!!!!

The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn. ~Gloria Steinem~ There are few things I am more passionate…

Started by Belle Rose in Society

9 Jul 3
Reply by SteveInCO

What are the odds of EU survival?

I'm an American, so the question doesn't directly affect me, but if the EU falls apart it will undoubtedly have at least a temporary impact…

Started by Unseen in Politics, Economics, Civil and Reproductive Rights, International Conflicts

93 Jul 3
Reply by Unseen


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