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how to respond to christian grandkids

I was hoping to find some advice on how to respond to Christian grandkids.  I often watch my twin 5 year old grandsons and just recently th…

Started by susan in Theistic Arguments and Debate Help

17 on Wednesday
Reply by Simon Mathews

"It's not Adam and Steve, it's Adam and Eve"

Did you ever hear this one? Theists become sanctimonious when they use this nonsense. They think it's some kind of knock-down argument when…

Started by Logicallunatic in Small Talk

31 on Wednesday
Reply by Pope Beanie

What would a "secular theocracy" actually look like?

I am sure that many of you saw the headline the other days about Mike Huckabee's contention that we live in a "secular theocracy" and that…

Started by Mo Trauen in Politics

6 on Tuesday
Reply by Ed

Nudist atheist

So we accept that we are atheist, but why stop there? As atheist we want to do what we think is right. Not all atheist want to live to the…

Started by Raymond in Philosophy

11 on Monday
Reply by Raymond

What are the odds of EU survival?

I'm an American, so the question doesn't directly affect me, but if the EU falls apart it will undoubtedly have at least a temporary impact…

Started by Unseen in Politics, Economics, Civil and Reproductive Rights, International Conflicts

25 on Monday
Reply by Unseen

The Good guy with a Gun is a myth.

In response to the bubling discussion over arms control perhaps this article will add a different perspective. Do read the article in full…

Started by Davis Goodman in Small Talk

80 on Monday
Reply by Unseen

What is life...?

Long time no see guys this site just deleted all of my progress for this discussion. I would love to tell you about what happened but appar…

Started by Ari in Small Talk

8 on Sunday
Reply by Marianne

Bill Nye's dubious hypothesis

Bill Nye has just authoritatively pontificated that life “MUST EXIST” beyond our planet.  But, just like theists, he has nothing to offer i…

Started by Dale Headley in Small Talk

79 on Sunday
Reply by Davis Goodman

Atheist church, Is it a concern?

I feel there is a new cult religion on the rise, and  it may be some sort of demented warped version of a disbelief made to fit an idea. I…

Started by Adam in Religion and the Religious, Atheism and Atheists

78 on Saturday
Reply by Raymond

For those of you who have never heard of the Monty Hall Problem

For those of you who are familiar with the problem and/or saw the movie 21, pop up some popcorn and just watch until the answer is revealed…

Started by Unseen in Small Talk

32 May 16
Reply by Pope Beanie



Babies Are Not Born Atheists

Started by Ed in Small Talk. Last reply by archaeopteryx 2 hours ago. 2 Replies

Gideons International

Started by Ed in Small Talk. Last reply by Reg The Fronkey Farmer 4 hours ago. 3 Replies

Draw Muhhamed day was yesterday Bring out your drawings

Started by ThyPlagueDoctor in Small Talk. Last reply by ThyPlagueDoctor 13 hours ago. 4 Replies

Bible Belt Promiscuity

Started by Dante in Advice. Last reply by Dr. Bob 3 hours ago. 11 Replies

am i the only athiest that believes in spirits

Started by Katie Patterson in Small Talk. Last reply by archaeopteryx 2 hours ago. 33 Replies


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