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What are we going to do about guns?

I never (ever) thought I would see the day that I would join the NRA. Or consider learning how to (responsibly and legally) carry a conceal…

Started by Belle Rose in Politics

9 on Saturday
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I'll put the bottom line at the top: America's #1 violence problem isn't guns, it's Americans.   If guns were outlawed (no, I won't say "…

Started by Unseen in Society

59 on Saturday
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Why do we have religions today?

My opinion on why we still have religions around the world is simple. I think it is equivalent to belonging to a club. You belong to a grou…

Started by mobojo23 in Small Talk

3 on Thursday
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Gravitational waves: discovery hailed as breakthrough of the century

Physicists have announced the discovery of gravitational waves, ripples in spacetime first anticipated by Albert Einstein a century ago. “W…

Started by Stephen in Miscellaneous Sciences

22 Jun 20
Reply by TJ

You'll never guess who did it this time...

Another grotesque adventure for the religion of peace. You don't even have to read the article. You know everything there is to know in the…

Started by Davis Goodman in Small Talk

38 Jun 18
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Let's become just like Ceaucescu's Romania, East Germany, and North Korea

It's called "See something, say something" and it's what Americans—especially Muslim-Americans—are expected to do. If you think your kid, y…

Started by Unseen in Society

1 Jun 17
Reply by Pope Beanie

Was Christopher Hitchens sexist in saying that "women can work but don't have to" ?

Hi, I am defending Hitchens here and I basically said in a nutshell, that all he is doing, in is usual witty way, is providing for his fami…

Started by fruyian in Advice

8 Jun 16
Reply by TJ

Drugs and alcohol; rape and consent

One of the top stories in the news in the US is about a young college boy who has just been convicted of raping an unconscious girl. What's…

Started by Unseen in Law, Trials, and Decisions

31 Jun 16
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lol This really happened

I recently rented a house. I have a friend who's seven months pregnant and I decided to help her out and rent her a room for whatever she c…

Started by Keith Pulley in Small Talk

9 Jun 16
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I think I finally figured it out.

I think my son has an attachment disorder. And I think he has a streak of psychopathy. He has the callousness/lack of remorse side of it bu…

Started by Belle Rose in Atheist Parenting

5 Jun 14
Reply by Simon Paynton


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