I know the film "Zeitgeist" is mostly full of conspiracy theory nonsense, but is the part about the astrology surrounding the birth and death of Jesus and all the other saviors/messiahs/miracle workers wrong as well?  It seems fairly sound to me, but I've never been able to find a definitive answer.

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I've not seen Zeitgeist, nor do I plan to, but in any form, applied to any "saviors/messiahs/miracle workers", astrology is flim-flam.  Astrology is no better than psychic nonsense and pseudoscientific jibber jabber.  Astrologers can't even get the right number of zodiacal constellations.....

I'm not debating the flim-flammery of astrology or religion.  What the film tries to explain is how most religions actually derive from astrology.  For instance, it points out that on Dec. 25th, the 3 kings of Orion's belt line up with the north star to point to the spot where the sun will rise, just like the story of Jesus' birth.  It also points out many out similarities between messiahs/ saviors of other religions, which also seem to follow many of these same roots.  Looking at the sky, it seems to make sense, but I'm wondering if there's something I'm missing.

Ah, ok, you're more interested in the astronomical numerology.....  You can find almost anything you want if you have so many possible alignments and so on.  By those standards, you are probably at least as important.... :-))

The first section of the Zeitgeist movie is based on the work and research of author Acharya Sanning. She has written The Companion Guide to ZEITGEIST, Part 1 which is available from here:


There's also plenty of great resources on her website:


You may also want to read over this page:




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