YU55 Asteroid........ Just a heads up for a possable collision ?

OK before I start i want to say this is not my research and allot of this is based on what I have been seeing trends on.

This is not a "prediction" this is not a "conspiracy" this "is" just a possibility because we have not had this size of and asteroid come this close to us in a long time, so no one has any solid answers for us.

And No I don't think its going to hit us but you never know.

What I find strange is the amount of information on "natural disasters preparedness" I have been seeing the last 4-5 months plastered all over the t.v. and the fact that the days that this asteroid is "passing by" there is 2 events going on.

The first is a "tsunami warning test" by FEMA on feb. 9th -11th and you can find the documentation here :

web pdf : EXERCISE PACIFIC WAVE 11 A Pacific-wide Tsunami Warning and Communi...


The second is a test of the Emergency Broadcasting System by the president on Feb. 9th documentation here on the web: FEMA


Even NASA has upped there prepairness when the information of YU55 was released in June they released this information:

NASA preparedness

Note: this says nothing on the asteroid itself just a "cover your butt" thing....


Here is some info on the asteroid itself :

Asteroid 2005 yu55 passing earth November

2011-10 nasa nov asteroid flyby


This is the hard core space nerd stuff here :

Nasa YU55

I really don't understand most of whats on that page can anyone translate?  ;)

I have seen allot of numbers being thrown around any where from 330,000 miles to as close as 180,000 miles from earth. The moon is 270,000 miles from us right now just to give you an idea what we are dealing with and from what I understand there is very little chance of it hitting the moon because the plain that the asteroid is following go's over the top of us not to the side as the moon does.

SO whats on your minds folks? Any one out there understand this better than the stuff I presented for your review ? Any one else worried?



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I'm no scientist, but i do know that if this thing is going to pass as close to us as they're saying, some crazy stuff is going to happen. Probably not end of the world stuff, but crazy stuff none the less. The moon controls the tide, and is the reason that Earth has a tilt, among a great many other things. Now, if this asteriod is large enough, it is going to have its own gravity. Its gravitational force would be much less than that of Earth, but it could still have an effect on things. Tides will most likely be excessively high in some areas, and excessively low in others. The Earth's orbit could wobble slightly. There are a lot of doomsday possibilities also. Such as the eruption of the super volcano under yellowstone (its eruption is actually overdue) which is a global extinction event. But its all hearsay and conjecture. We won't really know whats going to happen until it happens. I am a skeptic by nature. More than likely nothing will happen, but there's always that possibility. 

And yes, this is scary. On a cosmic scale something passing this close to us is unsettling. As you said, the moon is 270,000 miles away. It is our closest neighbor. This asteroid could possibly come closer to us than that.

I looked at the "super nerd" stuff. I didn't understand the technical terms at all (as i said, I'm not a scientist), but i do know how to read a diagram. To me, it looks as though its just a matter of time until this thing smashes us.  

ok hold on ... its only 1400 ft in size as large as a football field no gravitational force what soever ....

no definantly no "doomsday" there are 3 posable out comes if it gets to our atmosphere:

1.) hits the ocean .... tsunami ... probability at max of a 75 ft wave if you live within a 150 mile radius of the strike. and a 6.5 earthquake

2.) hits land ... 10 megaton blast, 5 mile crater  up to 1000 ft deep ,7.8 earthquake dead zone of 50 miles , 100 mile damage radius very survivable at that point but i would not want to be there....

3.) explodes in mid air no crater but alot of damage be 10 megatons you can guess the rest.....


none the less not planet devastating but would be very tragic


oh here is how i got the info...

What would happen if Asteroid 2005 YU55 Hit Earth?


using the program Impact earth.... find it here .....

impact earth

The Earth is gravitationally dominant up to the distance of 1.5 million km (0.01 AU). The Moon's orbit, at a distance of 0.384 million km from Earth, is comfortably within the gravitational
sphere of influence of Earth.

P.S. gravity itself goes on indefinitely, but decreases with distance.


at approximately 11:30 pm eastern on 11-8-2011 it will be 325,674 km from earth and within the gravitational influence ...... any arguments?
There's no danger from this asteroid. As mentioned in the articles and in NASA's data, the orbital path of this rock is well understood. It'll swing by and keep going without any appreciable effect on the Earth or the Moon save for us taking advantage of its nearness to examine it in detail.

Sooner or later a big one will strike.  We'll then be gone, but I'm betting global warming will get us first.


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