Several YouTube atheists have made video about their uploads been taken down due to "hate speech" directed towards the religion. Including ThunderF00t

And TheAmazingAtheist:

Basically these atheists are simply criticizing an institution and being silenced from their world-views. YouTube is siding with superstition and not reality. This is wrong and unjust. YouTube is being far to PC for its own good. We are not the mainstream media and shouldn't have to play by their rules. We should be able to get on YouTube and say whatever we feel like saying; no matter what. 
Its ironic that videos criticizing religion are taken down yet videos such as "Atheism Sucks!" is still up there:
This user is not only promoting hate speech but unrealistic generalisations. And yet we (atheists) are not allowed to voice OUR opinions? How is this just? How is this fair?
YouTube has lost all site of the YouTube way. What happened to "BROADCAST YOURSELF"? How can you broadcast yourself when you are being silenced and your voice taken away or rather "deleted" away. It is an outrage and it is oppression. 
Think Atheist community what are your views on this issue? Can we actually do anything about this injustice? 

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Update: Videos are back up after a huge push from atheist social networks! Well done thunderf00t!

Finally some justice. I'm glad to hear this 

Awesome. thunderf00t's one of the main channels that I watch.

Good for you. I hope they got the message


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