I really don't want to oppress anyone’s freedom of expression; but seriously… I can’t be the only one who browses TA at work; and people are uploading nudie pics. Don’t get me wrong, I like pictures of naked women as much as the next guy, but I don’t come to TA for those, and I’d really prefer to keep my job (as well as keep browsing TA while I'm at work). If you feel the need to share those here, post a link instead with a not-safe-for-work note. Or upload a censored version and provide a NSFW link for the original. I’m sure most of us can agree that we want people to feel they can browse TA from anywhere without worrying about getting in trouble for the content that might be on here.

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I also browse at work and while I haven't come across any nude pics, I sure don't want them showing up on a 22 inch monitor. Our firewall usually filters that content (the chat feature is blocked), but I'd hate to get in trouble for visiting a site associated with "explicit content".

On the other hand, I'm already violating the "unauthorized non-work related" use rule. :P
The pictures get uploaded to the TA server, so unless all pictures on this site are getting blocked for you, the firewall won't descriminate against the inappropriate ones.

There was one a couple days ago, and then I noticed two in that group of motivational posters this morning. I don't really feel like checking to see if they are gone, while I'm here at work. :P
I hear ya.


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