So basically I want to see what other people think.

In my opinion this whole thing is being blown way out of proportion. No matter how disrespectful this video was, it does not justify killing people and burning embassies.

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According to reports the movie is made by a member of the Coptic diaspora. If someone knows which buttons to push in regards to Muslims, Egyptians in particular, it would definitely be the Copts. 


That's a coptic priest here in the movie..

Look at his clothes..


If there was a slim chance that the government was involved in producing the film, then the angry Muhammadans should have presented a petition to the embassy asking for an apology. There is no way rioters can go killing people and burning embassies because a private citizen made a movie depicting their prophet in a bad light though the content is based on material found in their hadiths unless they are ignorant of such facts.

Islam and it's adherents can't claim to be a peaceful religion till it's leaders and followers come out strongly to condemn suicide bombers, such murderous activities that are visited on innocent bystanders every time somebody draws a cartoon of Mohammed. They should grow up or go live in pluto and kill each other there!

This violent reaction is totally disgusting.

Everyday, somewhere in the world, Muhammad is being denigrated by someone.  Some people are thinking bad things about Muhammad.   Some people are talking trash about the Prophet.  Others are actively drawing pictures of him. There is a representation of Muhammad on the  North Wall Frieze of the Supreme Court Building.  Will continuous 24/7/365.25 rioting solve these "problems"?  

What would one expect from a mob that considers a good education to know the Koran forward, backwards, sideways and inside-out?  It's not a lot better for some groups in the US, sadly.

There is so much hatred of the US lately from, among other things and issues, all the drone strikes in so many places.  For every 'leader" taken out there's hundreds longing and ready to step in and the idiotic people running the US Congress can't understand that for some reason.

We live in a shitty world, unfortunately. We can fight terrorists out where they train or we can wait for the next 9/11, which would mean restricting the rights of American citizens even more than they are restricted now.

On one hand, it looks like the film was intentionally made to incite the reaction that it has caused.  There is a good article about it on Counterpunch

On the other hand, the reaction is completely out of proportion with the offense.  There was an article supporting the embassy attacks that stated that "extremism must be met with extremism", however, the creation of a poorly made movie does not match in any way with murder, no matter how offensive to somebody that movie might be.

Good find, Obfuskation - I agree with nearly everything Esam al-Amin had to say, particularly in regard to American Muslims not being supported nor included in significant positions within the American government, on the grounds that neither party wants to be seen as "pro-terrorist," which denigrates the entire Islamic-American population by leaving the assumption on the table that any Muslim could well be a terrorist "sleeper," just because 19 were.

I also agree with al-Amin that the recent film was done under false pretenses, and solely to inflame the world Muslim population, which it clearly has succeeded in doing.

On the other hand, the world's Muslims need to realize that the machinations of a few miscreants, bent on causing trouble, do not represent the American people nor the American government. The need to put the blame squarely where it belongs. I saw a photo of one group of protesters - the girl in the foreground had no sign of anger on her face, it was clear she was just there because the had been told to be. I can't help wondering how many more cases like that there are.

Furthermore, Muslims need to understand that they cannot foist their own beliefs onto the rest of the world. Their particular brand of religion may prohibit the portrayal of their prophet by them, but they have no right to prevent others, who do not share their beliefs, from doing so. I would never watch this current piece of garbage, even if it were free on YouTube, but I would certainly support a factual film on Islam, featuring Muhammad, and Muslims would just have to get over it. Their rules apply only to them, and not to the rest of the world.

To be honest, I just watched it and thought it was corny an d silly, it amazes me how anyone can take it seriously. I think that the vast majority of those throwing rocks, etc. never saw it, and were just being inflamed by others. 

How can they take the movie seriously? Good God, they're theists! And worse than that, they're Muslims.

@Unseen - what exactly is your justification for feeling that Muslim theists are any worse than any other brand of theists?


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