So basically I want to see what other people think.

In my opinion this whole thing is being blown way out of proportion. No matter how disrespectful this video was, it does not justify killing people and burning embassies.

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I agree with Jeremy on this one, if someone thinks that the whole world has to cater towards their tender sensibility, then fuck'em. They need to wake up to the fact that no one gives a flying fuck about their religious sensitivity nor anyone will change their opinion about their religion because they say so.

I agree with you too. I have no beef with Muslims per se, I respect their freedom to believe in X religion, but I don't respect their religion or opinion nor I have to.

This is an example of why they need a violent slap into reality.

If you piss off Muslims you are going to create some EXTREMELY PISSED OF MUSLIMS! It's a natural law like gravity. It is simply the nature of our world today. What you are saying is you don't care about the tender sensibilities of wasps as you hit their nest with a stick. The Makers of Innocence of the Muslims wanted to see just this sort of reaction so they could point and say "See? I told you so. Islam  is bad!". That's disgusting and sick and I think criminal.

Well I'd say anyone that hold such widely controversial and thee least evidential and even at times bluntly incorrect set of beliefs, at such unequivocal solidity to not even tolerate little sarcasm let alone serious deconstruction and refutation; is disconnected from reality, epistemologically preposterous, and need to be put away because he poses an unpredictable existential risk to human civilization.

I genuinely don't give a flying spaghetti monster's ass if they think my opinion is blasphemous, there's inexorably no excuse for someone that because he doesn't like a video on YouTube; he goes ahead and harms any living being over it.

The issue here is not to cater towards other's irrelevant emotions, the issue here is tolerance, acceptance of the fact that someone somewhere around the world can actually see what I think or what I do to be entirely ridiculous and be prepared to smile and either address it critically or simply ignore it.

To say "I genuinely don't give a flying spaghetti monster's ass if they think my opinion is blasphemous" is to say "I genuinely don't give a flying spaghetti monster's ass if what I say ultimately gets people killed". The reality of the situation is if you piss off Muslims there will be nastiness. I'm not saying their behavior isn't an overreaction or in any way justified, it is just inevitable. So, who's disconnected from reality? You're saying they shouldn't behave that way when the reality is they will.

That's an objective perspective that deals with the reality of now. And I agree from an objective point of view. But my issue here is that we should never bend over for such insanity, because believe me Willson, that's what they exactly want and will not tire till they get it.

I'm not talking out of my ass here, I actually live among those people, I hear them talk on the streets, I see the type of comments that are made on the topic either online or in local coffee shops and on the corner chitchats.

I'm not trying to judge your knowledge spectrum, but if you didn't live in this part of the world you'll not be able to fathom the sickness and evil that these people has arrived at. Of course not all of them are like that, many of whom I call "friends" are perfectly reasonable people that view the overall reaction to that video to be utterly shameful and disgusting. But not just the majority, no, the overwhelming majority are Islamofascist, intolerant, and xenophobic.

Well, perhaps the solution is to deluge them with so much blasphemy that eventually they learn to live with it.

Though I rarely agree with you Unseen, in this instance, I do - saturation may well be the key.

I recall a case study from a Psychology class I once took, about a patient in a mental institution who stole towels. As the attendant came around each day, the patient received her daily allotment of towels, but she would always turn in fewer towels than she received, and would hoard the others under her bed. A radical treatment was decided upon - rather than depriving her of towels, they saturated her, bring her more towels every hour or so. After a day or two of this, she finally said, "Enough with the damned towels!" and never stole towels again.

If one draws Muhammad, it's obvious that he can be killed - if everyone drew Muhammad, possibly they would finally understand that they can't kill us all.

The question remains, how many would have to die before they reached that conclusion?

Do a reality check Jeremy. If you insult Islam or the prophet bad things will happen. It's wrong, it's stupid but there will likely be violence and people may die. These scumbag bigot filmmakers set out to do nothing but piss off Muslims. Mission accomplished. I say fuck THEM!

I just think it's too bad it wasn't a well-done Hollywood epic starring Ron Silver (a Jew) in the role of Mohammed. Unfortunately, Ron might find being depicted as having sex with an underage girl too offensive to add to his filmography.

Part of the issue, as I understand it (and I suspect only a very small part) was the fact that the actual girl, chosen to play the part of Aisha, the 9-year old wife of Muhammad, was in reality only 7, making it seem that Muhammad was even more reprehensible than he historically was.

Everyone angry about the video says he/she didnt watch it. At least the ones i talked to. Whenever an incident like this occurs the first thing that comes to my mind is "how can we tolerate intolerance".  Add to that the video is actually discussing facts from the islamic sunnah and hadiths, so why the hell are they angry, they should be proud of their prophet for whatever he did. Or they should change the bumper stickers of 'i love prophet mohamed' with 'I will kill for prophet mohamed' Kinda reflects reality.

Its seems inevitable especially after whats happening in Egypt and the rest of the Arab uprisings that a decline to darker ages will be a path that we will have to take.

may the god virus find a cure..

Here's how it works - movies are made to earn money, if no one goes to see them, they don't. If you don't like a movie, don't go see it and encourage others to boycott it as well - there was a huge Christian boycott organized when "The DaVinci Code" was released.

The Bible specifically warns, as part of the ten commandments, that no one should make any "graven" (engraved) images. If this commandment were strictly followed, Buonarroti would never have sculpted "Moses" or "David," and Mel Gibson would be hanging from my Weeping Willow for making "The Passion of the Christ."

There's no excuse, religious or otherwise, for killing anyone over a movie - could it be that Islam is such an oppressive religion that it generates anger and resentment within its followers, that they haven't the freedom to dissipate in a normal manner, and that Westerners represent a perfect target for that built-up rage?


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