So basically I want to see what other people think.

In my opinion this whole thing is being blown way out of proportion. No matter how disrespectful this video was, it does not justify killing people and burning embassies.

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What I think? I think the reaction to that "youtube clip" has been completely barbaric. And I hate the fact that some U.S. officials and media actually started to talk about putting restrictions on freedom of speech to avoid the mindless rage of people that disregarded their mental health to that degree. But I'm sure that's political shenanigans to push the envelope for a particular agenda.

In what way was the film disrespectful? Was it because it portrayed the truth of Mo as an ordinary mammal? Oh the shock horror!  Say something bad about the bible or the torah or budda and nothing is done but say anything about Mo and they will be baying for blood -- what a bunch of mentally handicapped savages. 

And now with PC insanity, world leaders are drivelling on about how we should pretend to respect a seventh-century-illiterate-plagiarist-paedophile-mass murdering-warlord. 

They say our religion promotes hate and violence .. let's kill their ambassador and burn their embassies to show them how peaceful we are -- because fuck logic.

More than most religions, Islam seems to insist on imposing its views on blasphemy on the wider world of non-Muslims.

Sadly, European countries don't value free speech as much as the United States. They have far stronger hate speech laws and forms of expression Americans take for granted can result in prison time in many European countries.

Sadly, this attitude is creeping into American law. Take for example the prosecution of one Amish sub-sect for cutting off the beards of other Amish men over religious differences, which is being prosecuted as a so-called "hate crime" (it's in the hands of a jury at the moment). Ridiculous. It should have been prosecuted as a simple assault, but apparently Federal prosecutors can interpret the law that broadly.

Anyway, Muslims and the Europeans as well, apparently, don't "get" the importance of free speech to a free society,

There are a few photos on facebook of Muslims holding up signs that apologize, on behalf of Islam, for the killings and saying such actions do not represent Islam as a whole.  I commented on one of those photos that I was glad to see that and that I realized these were only the actions of a radical few - only to have some Muslim woman demand that I apologize on behalf of 'America' for the video.  I told her to fuck off because, even if I were American, those being killed do not need to apologize for offending their murders.

The video is rude, but most American (Western) media is riddled with very rude depictions of everyone from Muslims to mentally handicapped people.  I think those who 'cross a line', whatever that line may be, should be admonished - but killing someone for having a bad sense of humour is like punching a baby for crying; something only the Abrahamic religions seem to find justified.

In Islam the mere depiction of the prophet is enough to upset Muslims. Making an image of Muhammad is blasphemy.  Making a rude image of Muhammad is like asking to be beheaded. Doesn't everyone know that if Islam is insulted madness and mayhem will follow. These filmmakers knew this. Even though the film was made on the last thread of a shoestring budget they managed to find the money to have the trailer for the film dubbed in Arabic to deliberately provoke the inevitable chaos.  I believe in free speech but if you know that what you are about to say will cause violence and perhaps deaths is it responsible to say it? These filmmakers clearly yelled fire in a crowded theater and should be prosecuted.

I believe there are laws against incitement. Don't know if they'd apply here, though.

Incitement laws (generally) follows Mill's argument about not upsetting a crowd enraged about the price of grain in front of a miller's house. Playing the movie using the US embassy in Cairo as a screen would count as incitement, making such a movie or posting it on YouTube, however, is not even close too even the furthest stretches of the law.

It would be a tough case to prosecute, as it would have to be proven that the filmmakers knew this reaction would ensue, but my personal opinion is that it would apply.

So we need to walk on egg shells around these people and never say anything bad about there religion even if they trash every culture but theirs? That is bull shit. YOU punish a spoiled brat or the child will control the parents and become a worse individual. These extreme individuals need to be taught to get a back bone. Their "laws" apply to there believers not everyone. I say fuck them.

There's no point. Among them are a few who are looking for anything that might cause offense so that they can keep the flames of resentment well fanned. Since among the nearly 300 million someone is always doing something by which they might be offended. So...why try?

We just need to be sure Jeremy, that we're not guilty of the same offense, blaming all for the wrongs of a few. Most Muslims just want to live out their lives and worship according to their religion, and though I'm an Atheist, I find no fault with that.


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