Midair explosion or collision? Terrorism? Theft of the aircraft for whatever reason? Pilot suicide (like Egyptair)? Why is this investigation going nowhere?

At first, I thought it can't be terrorism or someone would be making a claim. but terrorism can have many goals and motivations, and creating a general malease could certainly be one of them.

As for suicide, it seems to be difficult to admit a Muslim might commit siuicide.

Unless he's going to fly a plane into a building or detonate a bomb vest in a crowd, of course.

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Well here's the thing... people are saying the plane turned *west* after comm (and squawk) was lost.  It would have to be on Sumatra then, there isn't a whole lot of other land within four hours in that direction.

Figuring that perhaps it turned somewhere after even the satellite lost it, there still aren't a whole lot of options for a good landing (one people could walk away from).

If the plane did indeed get stolen like this--what are the thieves going to do with the passengers (who presumably survived the actual act of theft)?  Probably just shoot the lot; since I doubt they would want to take the risk of one escaping and telling people what happened.

Probably just shoot the lot

Sure. If your plan is to fly a plane into, say, the One World Trade Center (replacing the twin towers in NYC) and killing thousands of people, what are a couple hundred?

Has anyone considered that Vladimir Putin is behind this, to divert a large amount of news attention away from his designs on Crimea?


Oh of course.

Stealing an airliner would be a crime.  The theft of the century.  Crime... Crimea.  Poor choice of distraction because the words are too similar, but then it's understandable, English isn't Vlad's first language.  (In Russian, by the way, it's Крым.)

Good to point out that we shouldn't put it past him.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Probe Sharpens Focus on Sabotage

Updated March 14, 2014 11:56 p.m. ET

Malaysia's leader says communications systems on Flight 370 were cut off by "deliberate action." U.S. officials are investigating whether a third system, on the plane's lower deck, was also compromised. WSJ's Jason Bellini explains. Image: AP

Season 5 of Lost.


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