Alright, so let's all be honest together and do a little introspection. We all have different backgrounds and different stories; we all have issues that we are particularly sensitive about. We can sit and have a rational discussion all day long, but then someone says something that triggers our deepest, most passionate response... and it's pure emotion. Our ability to think clearly disappears and we're raising our voices (OR TYPING IN ALL CAPS!!!!), calling names, and daring anyone to say it again, emptily threatening violence on the offender.

That issue could be breast cancer if your grandmother has recently been its victim; it could be women's rights if you were raised in a home that repressed its female members; it could be GLBT rights because your favorite cousin has been a victim of bullying; it could be vegetarianism/veganism because your love for animals is so great...

You're ready to go to war for this issue; for these people, animals, and causes that are near and dear to your heart.

My personal pet issue is women's rights and how sex offenders are dealt with. I hate pedophiles and anyone who would violate someone else's body. My body is my property. If I own nothing else in this world, my body and my life belong to ME. I can be who I want and choose whom I want to share myself with. If there is a sin in this world, it is forcing ideas/actions on a person and their being.

It's tough for me to always be rational about this issue. I've been abused, and I've been a member of a religion that tried to convince me I was inferior to men. I was told to submit and be quiet; I was told that it was my duty to have sex with my husband whenever he got the urge. I always resented and rebelled against the role I was supposed to fit into. Nothing gets my blood boiling more than a statement like, "Go back to the kitchen where you belong."

On a site like Think Atheist, our goal is to talk about ALL issues and not allow someone's personal sensitivity to bar open, intellectually honest discussion. If we get too heated about our passions, we should take a step back and try to remind ourselves that it is of the utmost importance to be OPEN to discussion and new information. We cannot be fundamentalists about anything; otherwise, we lose the battle for reason to win out over superstition. Even if we don't like what we're reading, we have to allow everyone a platform. What if they're right? Isn't that how we all ended up atheist?

What's your sacred cow? Can you be open enough to let people voice opinions that vex you to the core? Can you engage in civil discourse without storming off in a huff?

I hope so. Please share your own personal pet issue.

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I see this downfall of parental talent and wisdom as a direct and inevitable consequence or progression of the "nuclear family"... 1-2 parents, 1-3 children, suburb, both parents working.


Tho a component of parenting knowledge is instinctual, a huge component of parenting also is learned. Children who were brought up in small isolated nuclear family ususally make horrible parents, not because they are stupid people but simply because they lack the proper training: experience.


In today's modern IVF society, having "a" baby has become a form of accessorisation and people assume they have the necessary skill-set to raise children, it's actually quite a pompous and vain position to hold.


With kids raising themselves cuz the parents are overworked outside the home, and lack of sibblings, where are the kids ever going to learn parenting skills????? We should not be surprised.


As a society, if we keep insisting on a corporate outlook as the "value" of life, then we might as well go full Orwellian and simply give the kids away at birth to be "reared" by institutions and get the hell out of parenting!


What surprises me is that some are still surprised at this state of affairs... It all comes down to the proverbial imaginary razorblade in the Halloween apple, it no more exists than god itself.

Sacred cow: Body shaming/judging. Of others. Judging. Of hotness or not. Judging. Of worthiness to outright exist because she may not be as 'fuckable' as a guy would like. Judging. Of if someone should be allowed to be seen. It makes me want to go into a hulk-like rage when I see guys and girls doing this.

I would punch a 7-foot weightlifter if he told my best friend she was fugly.

hmm, I feel there is going to be waaaaay more of this in the future, as we spend more time in front of our puters, and get fatter in the process, we become disconnected with the true natural unadulterated varied human being and come to expect in real life what we see on screen. Youth today have it much harder in this regard than olf pre-computer foggies such as myself... In my early 20s I was a tree planter and we were all used to hanging out on the lakeside naked after a hard day's work. We worked hard, we were fit, tho not skinny, and there is such variation from one body to the next. This has always fascinated me. I read recently that Canada is the country with the most Facebook penetration... not proud.

Yeah, but it still riles me up that people outright judge who should and should not be alive based on whom they find attractive.

There may be more of it in the future, but it is still wrong to tell someone they shouldn't be alive because you find them ugly.

Perhaps one of the most retarded and well-used things I've heard:

"Go find a rope to hang yourself with if you can FIND one strong enough!"

And yeah, I think in the time of photoshop and "She's out of your league" and "Knocked up" there the guy still gets the hot girl...people have insane expectations.

I've always been a "big" athletic type... One day at a beach in San Diego some young adults, no more than 10 years younger than I audibly whispered "bikinis should be illegal on people like her". I turned around and gave them such a glare they nearly shriveled! LOL


I prefer bikinis over 1-pc because in a 1-pc I look a bit footballish, whereas in a bikini, I can LOOK, at myself and LIKE what I see, I have ample likeable proportions, to my eyes, and anyone who messes with me on that topic can just fukin die, I will step on them and crush their wimpy little diminutive frames! LOL


I was best friends with an not-so-fit big girl in elementary school, she took so much abuse, I think she never really got over it.


It's one of the reasons I really enjoy hip hop lyrics... You ever heard that song by Ludacris:

"People too picky these days,

Too tall, too short, too fat, too skinny,

Have a couple of drinks and quit discriminating

This has been a Luda service announcement"


Ya know, people keep going on and on about with whom one should be having sex, if we all had more sex, we'd all be happier and less decriminating!


On BET you can even catch catwalks that are size integrated!!!! I love it.

I actually went out to eat with my family tonight at a local catfish place(wooo alabama), and while there, my sister kept making remarks about my clothing, because I have sort of eclectic taste--I was in brown leggings, a skull-print layering top, a sort of low-front mustard-colored dress over both(hence the layering top), a green v-neck sweater belted under the bust, a buffalo-check pink hoodie, and a green scarf.

My sister would NOT stop making comments about how many "colors" I was showing and how "fancy-ass" my clothes were and eventually I just put on my hoodie and scarf and ran out to the car once dinner was done.

I swear I have enough problems with self-policing, I don't need my own family being shallow and mindless about it.


My biggest problem is people in cars that yell "THAT'S A HUGE BITCH!" from their open window as they drive past me on the sidewalk or are across the cul-de-sac where my dorms are at college. My suggested comebacks have been "SUCK MY COCK!" or similar profanities tossed back at them, but I know they won't hear them. Ruins my day.

I mean, really, do you get more childish, unoriginal, and cowardly? And these things -do- stay with you, especially from people that you go to school with. It's one reason I hated going to public school--authorites never did anything about it, citing that I needed to find a thicker skin somewhere. Why trust adults if they say the problem is with me, not the bullies?

I really am tired of this "censor the world so I can bear to look at it" bullcrap people keep pulling out of their pampered butts. A "dude" at a college recently wrote about "buffalo" that invaded his frat's "lingerave"(a rave. with lingerie. So classy) and he was upset that there was "buffalo" or "rhinos" there in lingerie along with the 'hawwtties' in lingerie. A Fat Activist wrote a hilarious satire piece about the solidarity of the boner and how we must protect it! and that helped balance it out. Of course, the 'bro' later wrote a sorta-kinda apology that basically was "you didn't get the joke!, oh well, guess I'm too smart for y'all!" and then the universe was unbalanced again, and I was angreh. Seriously, he had the gall to write about how women should dress in you know, HIS WORLD when it likely took those 'buffalo' months to work up the nerve to even dress like that out in public, knowing what sort of jeers they'd be subjected to?

but of course: He's just worried about their health.

(just like evangelicals are only worried about our souls!--that comparison will NEVER get old)


the BET catwalks intrigue me. I don't even think we get that channel....but then again, it's so odd how women of size are accepted more in other cultures but not in white American culture. My discussion class sort of glossed over any real speculation on that, because we couldn't pick out any reasons why.


I havn't been with a white man in a while...


There are of course different black subcultures in Western civilisation, recent ex-slave, Carribbean (distant ex-slave), and African. From what I've studied, the "recent ex-slave culture have female sexual preferences more akinn to western caucasian men, it is the Caribbean and African influences that are more into full bodied women. In those cultures it is seen as power and joy of life.


I have come to think it's the "power and joy of life" moreso than simply the size that scares Western caucasian men, and that seems very much like like leftovers from an Adam and Eve culture to me.

Yes, how dare those fat women represent power and happiness in being alive!

The Adam and Eve mythos is insanely strong--but it does set everything that is "good and holy" against the earthly and solid. So the more "body" someone has on earth, the more they are against heaven, somehow. I suppose this is why fasting is encouraged in most religions.

The solitary guy I have dated and had sexual relations with is "Black" as he identifies, and he refused to tell me much about his culture or background because he thought it didn't affect him whatsoever as a person. I am left with assuming he doesn't know and likely has ex-slave ancestors somewhere in the past 200 years--I know nothing about him beyond the fact that he really does like large women even if he knew absolutely nothing about the daily bits of being a large woman. He never really talked about his family.

He could never explain why he liked larger women, simply that he preferred them, and I was the largest woman he ever dated.  He also was part of male gamer/nerd/geek culture and really liked computers, and as I put it once, he was the "whitest black guy I've ever met", and I was always perplexed as to why the "trophy girlfriend" culture had not infected him like it did most male nerds I'd met. He did suffer somewhat from his friends over liking larger women--I once played Designated Driver for him and several other drunks who began talking about fat chicks--he was pro-dating fat chicks, they were against(it was SO AWKWARD) and were talking about several fat girls at the party as I drove them back to their dorm. He and I eventually split because 4 hours together once a week does not a relationship make. We are still on speaking terms because we built the relationship on mutual interests and friendship.


There is no denying that larger women represent a sort of...overblown feminine power, due to larger breasts, larger hips, a general...largeness that basically says "screw you!" to everything that religion and culture wants a woman to be. It also reminds me of the old idols from Minoan culture, who used to worship a figure not too different from a fat woman's. There is divinity and anti-divinity attached to my body type, no doubt.


I do have a slight paranoia when it comes to guys who like exclusively larger women--I know it's likely unfounded but I find I dislike being in relationships that revolve around sex or sexual feelings, and prefer companionship-based ones. So I avoid guys who are after me because 'sex would be amazing'. I know that's probably cutting out something that could be fun, but it's not what I want. I have been offered a friends with benefits position with a guy I found attractive enough--but I disagreed with him so much on every ideological aspect(he's a christian, hardcore, in fact, he believes obama was born in africa...that's just a start of the disconnects), but he was still interested in me for sex. I support the right of other girls to have relationships like that, but for me, especially in this case, I want nothing to do with it. I've had a few guys who introduced themselves with "I love big women" on various websites--which always offputs me. I have an extensive profile on two singles websites, detailing my various interests and points I love to converse and debate on, but it seems most are still just window-shopping for something shiny and round that peaks their interest aesthetically.

The irony of course is when I get a guy in camouflage who loves mud riding, trucks, and deer hunting(none of which I like or am remotely interested in or is mentioned in my interests).

I have replied with "Did you even -read- my profile?" before.

LMAO sooooo agree! :)


It's why I tend to segregate my nightlife from my daylife! :(

Definitely kids, because I consider religious indoctrination to be nothing short of mutilation.

Equivocating morality and Abrahamic belief systems (heinous ignorance).

I second that. 

Toilet paper should roll off the front. Whenever I encounter someone whose toilet paper rolls off the back, I'm sure I'm in the home of an alien.


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