Good day fellow atheists!

My question to you today: What was the final moment, action or realization that made you completely confident in your deconversion. In other words, what pushed you from agnostic (or belief, if it was sudden for you) to atheist.

For me it was a realization in philosophy class while we were studying philosophy of religion. Seeing how the arguments against god seemed much more logical and sound pushed me into a complete confidence. Since then I have been doing research to further my understanding of atheism and religion.

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So you're a theist?

For me it was when I allowed myself to doubt in the first place.  That opened a door or a window or whatever for me to actually look at other options.  I had always doubted, since I was a child none of it made sense, but I wouldn't even admit it to myself for fear of god hearing my thoughts and spitting me out of his mouth someday.  lol.  Once I allowed myself that freedom to doubt, I started learning about all the other religion(s) of the world (from the world instead of from the xtian community/church.)  I allowed myself to realize that the bible-god was just one of many beliefs and it was unlikely that it happened to be the right one, but I was still afraid to actually admit that to myself.  I still wanted to believe and not burn in a possible hell so I started thinking that maybe just the book was wrong, but there still was a god or something out there.  

I think the final thing that hit me and pushed me to be this 6/7 atheist that I am today was the realization that I had been asking god to help me for twenty years and he never did.  Science has helped me more in a week than god did in all the years I could form words into prayer. 




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