Good day fellow atheists!

My question to you today: What was the final moment, action or realization that made you completely confident in your deconversion. In other words, what pushed you from agnostic (or belief, if it was sudden for you) to atheist.

For me it was a realization in philosophy class while we were studying philosophy of religion. Seeing how the arguments against god seemed much more logical and sound pushed me into a complete confidence. Since then I have been doing research to further my understanding of atheism and religion.

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"i cannot understand why atheists are attacking religion"

Since atheism is a lack of a belief in gods/supernatural, it tends to lead to questions like "what is the evidence...for the god being proposed?" Thus, if you propose a god, or anything else, it is up to you to provide the evidence - all evidence is subject to scrutiny or "attack" as you may perceive it.  The reality is most of us are reactionary to those proposing religious beliefs as if they are truths based on evidence- when they are not.  When "believers" try to make my children pray to their god before a sporting event, when "believers" try to make my kids say "one nation, under god," during the altered Pledge of Allegiance, when "believers" try to teach creationism to my kids, etc., I am compelled to react.

And, once again, once you understand why you don't believe in Zeus, Thor, unicorns, fairies, Santa Claus, etc, you will understand why most of us don't believe in your god. 


"atheism is like a religion"

Not so- this is apparently how you would define it because it appears you cannot understand it.  This may help -


"atheism is built upon a belief which denies the existence of supernaturals"

Not true- atheism is "built" on nothing- it is simply a lack of belief in god/supernatural - and that lack of belief is often based on lack of evidence.

I will continue to state that a-theism is a lack of belief in god(s), because that's what the word means. It is often used incorrectly, like in the recent Pew poll that claimed 26% of atheists believe in god, but that does not change the meaning of the word. I do not trust scientists, nor do I believe in them; I understand science, and I know that I can replicate any result on my own should I choose.

What do atheists believe in? Do you deny physics? Do you deny mathematics? Do you deny biology? or do you believe in scientists who are working in this field? do not tell me i TRUST them, not BELIEVE them. What is your belief, disbelieving everything? or do you believe in something? and why believing is a bad word, and what's wrong with beliefs, unfortunately you are no different from those monotheistic idiots, sorry.


I think most of us here simply ask the question- "what is the evidence?" - then we make our decisions about whether a contention is justified based on the evidence and whether it is consistent with everything we observe to date.

Atheism is simply a lack of belief in gods/supernatural- beyond that, I think you will find a wide variety of what "atheists" may "believe" or not "believe."  I believe this is a huge gap in the understanding of atheism by "believers."

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"Do I believe there is a god?"

I'm an Atheist. I reject the idea of gods or gods. So no, I don't

"do you believe that there is no supernatural?"

Yes, I reject the idea of the supernatural. 

So, not believing in Zeus is a belief?

Not believing in the Flying Spaghetti monster is a belief?

Not believing in reincarnation is a belief?

Not collecting stamps a hobby?

Not playing basketball a sport?

How do you not understand atheism is not a "belief?"

Actually, if you want to get technical.. Muslims would, outside their own religion, be atheists since they don't believe in other gods outside of their own. So if they don't believe in Zeus, then yes when it comes to the Roman/Greek gods Muslims would be Atheists.. That would apply to Christians and Jews, as well... 

As Richard Dawkins once put it.. I contend we are both atheists, I just believe in one fewer god than you do

For me it was  reading the bible. I honestly did believe in god though i had one or two small qualms about my religion. So i decided to read the bible, as the word of god,  to answer my questions and put my doubts to rest. The thing though is that y the time i got to the end of the bible, 2 or 3 weeks later, i was definitly no longer a christian

Hehehe, so the saying that reading the Bible is the fastest way to become an atheist holds some water!

Most definitly. When you actualy read the bible in a short peried of time as you would a book it is nearly impossible to see it as anything but man made. Also you then get to read all those beautiful and heart warming stories they miss out in church, like god commanding the slaughter  of defenceless woman and children prisoners. or how god used to love people to butcher animals , cut them into pieces, spray the blood around, burn the fat in a fire for a sight that ,while it may be pleasing to the Lord, would make you or me sick to the stomache

Reading the bible made me Agnostic but it was a long while after before I became an Atheist. (While Agnostic I still faked it for my mothers happiness)

I have been an atheist for so long that I'm not sure. However, the last straw before I finally said screw this and came out as an atheist was when my sister was going on and on one day about how she was praying to God every day that he finally sends her the man of her dreams. My annoyance had reached a level so high that without realizing it I had blurted out "Holy shit, if you spent less time praying to some stupid sky wizard and more time getting off your ass and meeting people then you would have been married like 30 years ago". I didn't realized I said it till I heard her gasping next to me. Ohhhhhhh, it was magical.


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