I'm not sure why a 5 year old would want it, but have you heard about this ruling?

A federal judge ruled Friday that the morning-after pill, known by its brand name of Plan B, should be available without a prescription or any age or point-of-sale restrictions within 30 days. (source)

With the drug having become available over the counter, the judge ruled that the FDA had overstepped it's mandate, which had only to do with determining the safety of drugs. They have no mandate to set age limits or set standards for the sale of safe drugs.

Anyway, the question here is directed at the parents among us, and especially those with children at or approaching an age when sexual activity potentially begins. Do you have any mixed feelings about this? Do you feel that up to a certain age (16? 18?) children should at least have to see a physician before obtaining them? Not to talk them out of abortion but at least to discuss the medical issues (potential exposure to STD's, side effects, etc.).

Please identify yourself as a non-parent when you comment, if that is the case.

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RE: "South Africa? In these parts SA means South America!" - I suspect that depends on which hemisphere you live in.

Yes I did not think that you would also have the SA thing but yes for me that would be South Africa

Every once in a while an Aussie will write "WA" and a lot of us think that's Washington State (the postal abbreviation for which is WA) when in fact it's Western Australia.  Rather different places!  The Canadian and US postal services, at least, made sure none of the abbreviations overlap between the two countries.  (This was a challenge for Manitoba, only one of the possible two letter abbreviations for Manitoba wasn't in use for a US state (MB), any other letter for the second letter would conflict with Massachusetts, Minnesota, Michigan, Montana or Missouri.  We've got a lot of M states here.)

In the US, there are too many M states, just as there are too many A continents.

So, like the US, Aussies divide their country/continent up into compass halves and quarters (S, N, E, W, SE, SW, NE, NW)? In the US there's a little confusion as to where one defines the border between E and W. Is it the Mississippi River or is it the Rocky Mts? One hears both "East of the Rockies" and "West of the Mississippi" used as though they are meaningful dividing lines. Are there such geographical boundaries in common parlance over there in Aussieland?

The border between New South Wales and Victoria is a river. Other than that, we have straight lines drawn in the sand.

South America? This is Madness! SA stands for South Australia!

And here I thought it was South Antarctica! That's gotta be about as far south as you can go --

RE: "Do you only want American opinions?" - no, he wants only opinions that agree with his own.

When I want your opinion, I'll give it to you.

That's incredible - it took you only ten hours to think that one up! Those meds must be working --

As a parent, I discussed the medical aqnd moral issues about sex from about age 5 when they started asking questions.


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