I'm not sure why a 5 year old would want it, but have you heard about this ruling?

A federal judge ruled Friday that the morning-after pill, known by its brand name of Plan B, should be available without a prescription or any age or point-of-sale restrictions within 30 days. (source)

With the drug having become available over the counter, the judge ruled that the FDA had overstepped it's mandate, which had only to do with determining the safety of drugs. They have no mandate to set age limits or set standards for the sale of safe drugs.

Anyway, the question here is directed at the parents among us, and especially those with children at or approaching an age when sexual activity potentially begins. Do you have any mixed feelings about this? Do you feel that up to a certain age (16? 18?) children should at least have to see a physician before obtaining them? Not to talk them out of abortion but at least to discuss the medical issues (potential exposure to STD's, side effects, etc.).

Please identify yourself as a non-parent when you comment, if that is the case.

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I would add love, though it's sometimes misplaced.

And always blind.

Um no Belle, I am not missing any element.  Your stance on gay marriage is irrelevant.  I'm saying that your argument against OTC plan B is as ridiculous as the arguments against gay marriage, with the beastiality and pedos etc..  I have to ask..do you think that news of this pill being readily available will make 12 yr old girls all over suddenly start having sex since they have a magic bullet to keep them from getting pregnant?  Sex education is obviously the best tool here..since you are worried about the mis-use of said pill.  Perhaps they should be made to buy a box of condoms along with the purchase of the pill?  And btw, 12 yr old girls don't know a lot of shit..that's why their elders teach them..You act as if they get thrown to the wolves as a tween. 



I sure was thrown to the wolves. No one taught me about sex other than the basics in school. Condoms aren't ingested and they don't affect the body internally. If you're asking me if I think kids will have sex just because the pilll is available to them? No. But will young girls misuse it? Yes. Is this worrisome? Yes. Why not just make all birth control OTC then. There we go....problem solved. Just make it all up for grabs.

See, there you go.  Taking your argument to the extreme and holding up an extreme example to advance it.  I'm not even going to speculate on why you mentioned condoms not being ingested.  The plan b is not the first line of defense in unwanted pregnancy.  You would do better to be advocating for more indepth sex-ed.  Young girls misuse all kinds of stuff, along with everyone else.  Education is the key, not prohibition.  And comparing taking regular birth control pills with a single pill in case of an accident or poor judgement is not way to advance your argument either.  I read a few of your posts on the thread with the islam girl and battling with Korsan..you might do well to remove some emotion from your thoughts.  It seems to cloud your sense of reason. 

Ok Jimmy - probably true. I'll be the first to admit I am an emotional person. I'll take your suggestion and try it on for size. I don't want to insult you like I did kOrsan and then look like a total bitch again...So let me explain it like this: taking ONE pill won't be a problem, no. But imagine for a minute the girl who gets caught up taking one every time she has sex because no one tells her otherwise. What if this same girl starts to have sex with her boyfriend every day after school. No parents know so they can't educate. Shit like that can happen. I'm against it being handed out like a stick of gum because I AM for education. This is why I'm saying it should be available after atleast a consultation. I don't see why you want to try to put words in my mouth or read more into what I'm saying than what I have already stated. In this way you are also being somewhat extreme and failing to catch the essence of what I'm saying. That's about as emotionless as I get. Sorry. You're talking to a 75/80 on the empathy test here.

Ok so I don't even think you know what part of your argument I was disagreeing with you about so with that lets just agree that education is the primary key.  . 

Parent: I have open, relaxed conversations with both my children about sex. I knew who the first girl was that my son kissed, the first time he thought of sleeping with someone ect. As parents we are the ones that need to educate our children, dope is illegal but how many young children us it. And children have sex, in SA it is not strange to see girls as young as 11 pregnant. You can not buy a car on your own name before you are 21 but age 11 you can go to court and sign off on your baby for adoption without parental consent. We live in a world full of things that can have a negative impact on our children, I keep my communication open so that they can come to me and feel comfortable in doing so. Both my children know about STD, pregnancy ect. My 15 year old daughter just did a speach at school about pregnancy and the 3 choises you have to make and the impact of those. She went to the shop and drew up a monthly budget of what it would cost to take care of a baby, plus a day mother ect. She ended with this. If you are old enough to be sexualy active you have to ask yourself are you ready to take the responsability that goes with it. She also aded HIV figures of girls under 18.

Another pat me on the head post. Okay, you're a good parent, but what about other children out there who aren't lucky enough to have Jorita as a parent?

Unseen, Jorita is in South Africa, so she is commenting largely from that standpoint.  I'm used to your 'devils advocate' position, but Jorita is letting us know her thoughts from her culture's standpoint.

Most of the posters here are American.  The law you are discussing is an American one. Do you only want American opinions?  Oh and I am a non-parent, thanks to the invention of contraception and its free availability to me when I was young and trying to get rid of my lesbian tendencies by having sex with guys.

In the UK we try to get as many contraceptives as we can, out to as many people as we can.  If you're having sex, you're up to getting post-sex pills.  If you're planning to have regular sex, you can get the contraceptive pill free, without your parents knowing. Education about contraception is taught in schools, and by some parents - the rest learn from their mates.

If contraceptives had been harder to acquire, perhaps I would be addressing you as a parent, but thankfully I'm not.

South Africa? In these parts SA means South America!

Being a parent changes one's attitudes on some things. One feels a custodial concern for one's charges. Also, under the law you are responsible for them and for what they do. The kids don't like to hear that, but I found it to be a conversation stopper when my daughter wanted to try her wings a bit earlier on than I felt she was ready for. 

Being a parent changes one's attitudes on some things

No, being a responsible parent changes one's attitudes on some things. 

Also, you say stopped your daughter trying her wings too early.  Do you think you would not have been able to do this if the 'morning after' pill had been easily available over the counter?  Were you depending on her fear of pregnancy?. 

If the 'morning after' pill had been legally available over the counter, I believe you would have had exactly the same effect on your daughter as you did without its accessibility. 

[edited to add that "these parts" is the internet]


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