You will probably make fun of me for this but I was visiting a christian singles dating site recently and found this:

I am 31 and have been praying unceasingly for God to provide a christian man to me. Recently I met a muslim man who seems to be everything I have ever prayed for except of cause he is muslim. should I establish a relationship with him or not. What would be the pitfalls of engaging in such a relationship.I just cant seem to find any christian guys around, I have waited, fasted prayed and with 32 peakin around the corner I’m just begining to lose faith in the whole waiting for the Lord game.

Hey guys,
I just broke up with my unbeliever fiance, yup, I was about to get married, but the first day at counseling the issue came up, I felt really bad because I love her so much,
but my love for God is stronger, even though i did wrong, i end up living with her for a while. got involve sexually we broke up couple of times and this time it was because of faith i felt I was being to strong with her
I pray for strength specially because we work together

I’m so tried of crying and being depressed. I’m 29 years old and I have never had a boyfriend. It seems that every guy i meet is only interested in one thing ( mostly unbelievers). It’s really hard to meet saved men my age. They are mostly married by my age. It seems the closer I inch towards thirty , my desire to be a wife and a mother is getting glimpser by the moment. The last guy i was involved with ( who claimed to be saved) only wanted to use me for sex and unfortunently i gave in ,but to only get hurt AGAIN. His ex -girlfriend moved in with him and he pretty much dumped me. The bad part is I found out I was pregnant when i had a miscarriage ( i didn’t even know i was pregnant). Of course , he didn’t believe me. Right now I’m on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds . I ‘ve even been hospitalized for depression. Right now I am tried and I’m now starting to believe that their no one out their for me because I’m so messed up in the head . Most importantly, I don’t trust God in this area of my life anymore. I feel completely hopeless.

Dear Daniel
Yes God wants us to be happy that is the reason you can NOT be with a person who is NOT a believer. This is for your own good. The unbeliever don’t see things the way you see them. Can’t talk the way you do, can’t think the way you do,therefore Can’t walk the way you walk. when there is a misunderstanding things can NOT work out.
there will be confusion and NO peace. would you like to have drama all your life? No God calls you to have PEACE more abundantly.

these are just some examples of what I saw.

it really is sad. poor ignorant Christians. You cant help but to feel sorry for their sheltered, pathetic lives.

Here is the site if you are interested:

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The unbeliever don’t see things the way you see them. Can’t talk the way you do, can’t think the way you do,therefore Can’t walk the way you walk.

No truer words have ever been spoken.

It is amusing how much impetus some people put on their beleifs when it comes to romantic relationships. I may only find it amusing because I lucked out and married an atheist. I say lucked out because her atheism had nothing to do with our dating. I can't say what role it played in marriage decisions, though.

While I can see myself dating a believer, I don't think I could be around the particular strain of hard core believers quoted above. Yuck.
I'm grateful to even have a Pagan fiance! We have a respect for each other that could only be beaten by an atheist. lol

it's ridiculous..these people take their lives so seriously.
I think they realize how pathetic they are Neal..most of them didn't have any. Except the one relatively attractive girl who clames that "non-believers are only after one thing"....hmm, I wonder why she dresses that way?
i was just about to say show me some pictures too lol.
Lol, they have some seriously messed up stuff on there! Comparing non-believers to maggot ridden fruit! That was both funny and horrendous.
idk if I should laugh or be offended. lol
It's pathetic but I would also never get involved romantically with a religious followers. That's pretty much common sense
nope, in fact an hour after that I was looking at a satanist dating site. lol

they wouldn't even realize it.

seems like they share a common interest....themselves.
just to clarify...I'm not looking for a girl. lol I'm completely happy with my fiance. lol
Two "lol's" in a single reply? Are those nervous lol's? Hmmmm.

you try looking at a christian dating website!!!


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