Me your humble athiest:I am an athiest, I use to believe in Jesus, but that is silly because, imaginary gods aren't real.

Righteous Dude:Jesus loves you, when you say that you use to believe in Jesus, you were probably just going thru the motions, did you have a personal relationship with jesus?

Me your humble athiest:Yes, but I came to realize that my relationship was imaginary.

Righteous Dude: If you had a real personal relationship yada yada yada

Me your humble athiest:Told him my life story....reasons why I I came to realize that fear makes us create a lot of imaginary gods and monsters, and that the only real monsters are you and I, and that an imaginary god isn't going to do anything about that...etc.

Righteous Dude:I dont think you had a personal...........yada yada yada

Any good responses?

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I was told in church that you already know Gods voice because it's your own voice. if you hear an unfamiliar voice it is the devil talking to you.

I know, sounds crazy, but what do you really expect LOL
Any good responses?

"You're right, during this discussion with you, I've come to realise that I just don't have the Light of the Lord in my heart. Please pray for me?"

I find they end up saying they'll pray for me anyway, so this is just a shortcut to the inevitable. Or, just out-crazy them. "I have a snake in my belly and sometimes it talks to me."
Out-crazy them? I kinda like that!
Hahaha. She's the Queen!
Usually two crazy people cancel each other out.
Quetzalcoatl shrank himself and sits on my shoulder and talks to me. He's also invisible, but he told me that a deadbeat dad is nobody to have a personal relationship with. So I told Jesus to take a hike. XD

The Q man is also friends with Buddha. Buddha agrees.
How can you have a personal relationship with someone that really never responds in any way??
Are you saying mine and Jessica Alba's love isn't real?????
You're just not a true believer in Alba.
Keep strong. Someday you will get what you wish for. Have faith. It shouldn't bother you that Jessica gets old.


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