Me your humble athiest:I am an athiest, I use to believe in Jesus, but that is silly because, imaginary gods aren't real.

Righteous Dude:Jesus loves you, when you say that you use to believe in Jesus, you were probably just going thru the motions, did you have a personal relationship with jesus?

Me your humble athiest:Yes, but I came to realize that my relationship was imaginary.

Righteous Dude: If you had a real personal relationship yada yada yada

Me your humble athiest:Told him my life story....reasons why I I came to realize that fear makes us create a lot of imaginary gods and monsters, and that the only real monsters are you and I, and that an imaginary god isn't going to do anything about that...etc.

Righteous Dude:I dont think you had a personal...........yada yada yada

Any good responses?

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He would be awfully boring at parties.

Well, at least he could turn the water into wine.
You know they are going to use this "God's will" and "Free will" crap as an excuse. I have given up in reasoning with die hard believers. It just won't work. :(
I always thought a warm feeling in your tummy meant you had gas.

If religious euphoria is like flatulence, I'm certainly glad I never had a personal relationship with Jesus.
Why do atheists always assume that Christians are going to respond to logic, reason, and rationality. They don't give a rat's ass about logic, reason, or rationality. Crazy does not mean stupid, it just means crazy.
Doesn't the responsibility of this relationship fall in Jesus' court? I mean, it's like the 'faith' thing. It is simply a feeling that defies logic, therefore isn't it an inborn trait installed by god? If it isn't there, that makes it his mistake?
Can I get an autograph!?
How does one have a personal relationship with the non existent?
Ask a schizophrenic. :X
That doesn't include my personal relationship with Aristotle. Because he's real and I talk to him every day, and if you don't take my claim seriously then you're a closed-minded bigot. It takes more faith to not have a relationship with Aristotle than it does to have one. I will logic for your id.
Fred, from Nevada?
You mean Freud? Yes, he's a prophet. Christians have prayer. Philosophistians have logic. Religious people pray for your soul. I logic for your id, with the power of Freud the Prophet, psychoanalysis be unto him.
What would be funny to say:

I had a personal relationship with him and found out he was an asshole...on crack.


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