Me your humble athiest:I am an athiest, I use to believe in Jesus, but that is silly because, imaginary gods aren't real.

Righteous Dude:Jesus loves you, when you say that you use to believe in Jesus, you were probably just going thru the motions, did you have a personal relationship with jesus?

Me your humble athiest:Yes, but I came to realize that my relationship was imaginary.

Righteous Dude: If you had a real personal relationship yada yada yada

Me your humble athiest:Told him my life story....reasons why I I came to realize that fear makes us create a lot of imaginary gods and monsters, and that the only real monsters are you and I, and that an imaginary god isn't going to do anything about that...etc.

Righteous Dude:I dont think you had a personal...........yada yada yada

Any good responses?

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Bingo, Nelson.
This has been officially renamed the "no true Republican" fallacy from the claim that George W. Bush could not have raised the deficit, increased Medicare spending, et al. while at the same time being "a true Republican".

Although he did have a personal relationship with cocaine, Jesus, failure in the oil business...
Righteous Dude:Jesus loves you, when you say that you use to believe in Jesus, you were probably just going thru the motions, did you have a personal relationship with jesus?

Smart ass me: Well, supposedly Jesus watched me masturbate regularly for years and that's pretty personal if you ask me. I finally got tired of constantly apologizing. :p
Yeah, WTF Jesus?!
Hahaha. That bastard needs to learn some common courtesy.
Most relationships involve more than a one way discussion. A warm feeling in your tummy doesn't equate to "god's presence".

If god exists and wants a relationship with us, he wouldn't be so good at being invisible, not answering prayers, allowing bad things to happen to good people and permitting Christians to do evil things in his name.
You're exactly right. However, most Christians would argue that the reason god is invisible, doesn't answer prayers, allows bad things to happen, and permits Christian to do evil things is because he works in mysterious ways that we couldn't possibly understand. Of course, "God works in mysterious ways." is just bullshit for "I don't know".
I always figured that the mysterious ways line was code for "I can't explain it, I don't want to think about it, stop talking about it."
Most of them say that you can't know the mind of god. Then why do they know how we should live our lives?
God was testing that dude that promised to sacrifice the next living thing to exit his house if he won a war.
He won.
The next living thing was his daughter.
He burned her alive.
Who exactly won that test there? Not the daughter, me thinks........
"When I have asked about things like this, the answer I often get is "God is testing us"."

I would tell them it says in the bible that God does not test us... The devil does

It says this but I can't remember where..



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