My friend and I came up with a few good ones today.  I googled the phrase, and only came up with Christians using it to (very poorly) mock atheism.  Let's show 'em how it's done.

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yea, better find a girl/guy who screams "oh my science!" when happy...

You know you're an atheist when...

... you actually use the "oh my science" phrase sometimes.

... when you know at least some parts of the bible better than the believers (my favorite parts to quote or mention are leviticus, just because that book is so fscked up)

... for a US atheist: when you have/would want to get the money stamp with "federal endorsement of a religion or a deity violates the US constitution" text, and/or when you use that in a sentence or situation where it's applicable. Such as in court...

... when you consider atheists to be smarter and sexier than the believers of something (if you know nothing more about them, or when in comparison to people otherwise with the same attributes but subscribing to a religion)

There is a definite question mark integrated into the phrase and experience of, "Oh My Science" and the life of Science in this earthly circumstance where there are Christians and Atheists can not continue to use itself that way. After all, science is absolute whole knowledge. Within that there exists no questions. When you are shown to sight a new interest, provided a new awareness, experiencing communication that is appreciating, you know immediately about that interest related fluidly to what you have known about that interest completely before. That is true science doing what science can continue to do.

1. ... you don't know what to say after someone sneezes

2. ... you start collecting books by the four horsemen. (... hitch... sob)

3. ... religious people start looking like nonsense-spouting idiots

4. ... you get yelled at for "using god's name in vain" by accident

5. ... you get 2 or more "save your soul" messages in your facebook, youtube, email, etc inbox.

6. ... your facebook friends start having religious vs. atheist wars on your wall.

7. ... your (well-meaning) friends or fam start buying you books by C.S Lewis, Lee Strobel, and "I don't have enough faith to be an atheist" by Gieser, Turek, and Limbaugh

8. ... you start viewing the bible as a "bad book"

9. ... you find going to church to be awkward.

10. ... Any question you ask on religion can bring an explosion.


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