How many of you have ever been scared to death by a how crazy a Christian can be? 


A couple of months ago I was working on doing emails for my internship. It was in the public computer lab area. And... well... let's say I NEVER would have suspected what was going to happen next.


Everything seemed to be going well until I heard a young woman shrieking nearby. I turned around and saw that she was red as a lobster in the face and her eyes were wild while she was shrieking at a young man sitting in front of one of the computers who was looking at her quietly bewildered, shocked, and upset. [It was a one-woman argument... or rather a one-woman screaming fest... O_O]. I had a hard time hearing what she was screaming at him about [she was so hysterical that her words were almost incoherent]... but I did catch a couple of words and the fact that everyone in the computer lab was staring at her. The words I caught were "God" "Jesus" and "How DARE you!" The young man was hard to make out for a different reason... he was so overwhelmed by her reaction that his responses to her shrieks were nearly inaudible mumbles.


Of course... as an atheist when I heard this combination of words... my thoughts were [Oh crap!] I was wishing I could escape... but in order to get to the door... I would have to pass the crazy woman. So... I tried to look as invisible as possible as I leaned my face as close as possible to the screen and became suddenly very interested in my emails. [lol]. 


Despite my attempt to be invisible she must of seen me.... because next thing I knew I jumped about a foot in the air [okay that's an exaggeration... but you get it right?] and my heart nearly stopped when I suddenly heard her start shrieking at me [right next to me... she made my ears ring for a while afterward].




Of course, now everyone was staring at us... and I was becoming very agitated, uncomfortable, and embarrassed. It only made it worse that I had no idea who she was... or why she was shrieking about him at me.


Finally I made the mistake of the week. She got me so uncomfortable that I quietly blurted out that "Umm.... maybe you need to work this out with him. I really don't care because I don't believe in God."


She looked like a bomb had gone off in her mind. And then... she started on me.




It goes without saying that this was a very strange and unpleasant experience.... and if you ask me... that fishie lady needs SERIOUS psychiatric help!! O_O

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They are insane, some more than others.  I have tried to reason or argue with them in the past and paid a steep price for it.  Now, in situations like this, I try not to talk to them at all.  Actually, in every situation I try not to talk to them at all about religion. 


I don't see any problem with your response.  You could have also said:  "Last I heard, this was a free country" or "I think you are behaving as if you are crazy".

Problem: Sometimes if you don't reply... they just get angrier. O_O
This would be one of those situations where simply staring at the person would be a nonverbal way of saying:  "Your behavior is so completely out of line that I will not speak to you."  Increased anger can actually be a sign that you have won the day, you know.  The trick is to see it that way and not let it get to you.

I would have just walked over to the dude and high-fived him, looked at her, pointed, and laughed hysterically as she had a melt-down, let the cops baker act her, she is a danger to society, others, and herself.


I would have said, "well, he has a point, you have to be crazy to believe in god."

I had an uncomfortable experience like that once...sorta. I had this roommate, and I should have known on day one that we weren't going to see eye to eye on everything because on her bedside table was a study bible, and on mine was The God Delusion. Anyway, she would often roll around on the floor and speak in tongues and walk backwards down the hallway, and get up and perambulate about the dorm room like a zombie at 5:00 in the morning, muttering about Jesus and crying. Then she'd make tea and not drink it, and suddenly crawl back into bed with all of the lights on. When I'd confront her about these things (frankly it was hard to do homework with all of that going on), she had no idea what I was talking about. 0_o


There was another time a severe looking drunk man approached me on the street and asked me if I believed in god. I didn't answer and kept walking. And then he started following me, shouting about how I need to repent or go to hell or whatever it is those crazies shout about. I had to run to my car. He seemed kinda unstable and I was worried he might be packing, lol!


So anyway, I agree with the previous poster about you being gutsy. :)

Also, you're not alone in apparently attracting crazy people.

Thanks! ^_^

What IS it about atheists attracting the crazies? O_o

I mean this site attracts the crazies! Of course we get the usual fundamentalists here to save our souls... but we also have gotten conspiracy nuts [one guy believed we didn't land on the moon. O_o], a person who thought they were the reincarnation of a first century christian here to save humanity from the antichrist [who is apparently the pope], among others. I saw a holocaust denier in one of the old podcasts last year. [Everyone was throwing troll chow at him... lol].


But seriously! I am TOTALLY lost for words on why atheists seem to attract the wackjobs! 

[I can just imagine them typing on their laptops in their little rubber rooms in the institutes for the insane. lmao]

I gotta say thats really funny (well, not for you at that moment... I would have been scared too! LOL)
Seriously, the extent of brainwashed Christians never ceases to amaze me.... Of course it isn't all of them, but there are WAY too many like this lady here and seriously scare me........

This thread reminds me of this scene from "Trading Spouses".  It's from a couple years ago so I'm sure it has already made the rounds at the atheist forums but it's just too good to pass up posting it on this particular thread.


Crazy American Christian Woman Goes into a Religious Rage aka "God Warrior"

LOL, yea, I've seen that one! That woman was crazy!
But, I saw her on another one (I guess she wanted to try again, lol) I actually felt bad for her b/c she was being treated like crap by the man of the house....I don't believe I heard her say much at all about religion on that one.

That lady is psychotic. I felt so sorry for her children. Did you see the look on their faces when she tore up the check :( I don't think I ever saw the other one she was on though.



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