How many of you have ever been scared to death by a how crazy a Christian can be? 


A couple of months ago I was working on doing emails for my internship. It was in the public computer lab area. And... well... let's say I NEVER would have suspected what was going to happen next.


Everything seemed to be going well until I heard a young woman shrieking nearby. I turned around and saw that she was red as a lobster in the face and her eyes were wild while she was shrieking at a young man sitting in front of one of the computers who was looking at her quietly bewildered, shocked, and upset. [It was a one-woman argument... or rather a one-woman screaming fest... O_O]. I had a hard time hearing what she was screaming at him about [she was so hysterical that her words were almost incoherent]... but I did catch a couple of words and the fact that everyone in the computer lab was staring at her. The words I caught were "God" "Jesus" and "How DARE you!" The young man was hard to make out for a different reason... he was so overwhelmed by her reaction that his responses to her shrieks were nearly inaudible mumbles.


Of course... as an atheist when I heard this combination of words... my thoughts were [Oh crap!] I was wishing I could escape... but in order to get to the door... I would have to pass the crazy woman. So... I tried to look as invisible as possible as I leaned my face as close as possible to the screen and became suddenly very interested in my emails. [lol]. 


Despite my attempt to be invisible she must of seen me.... because next thing I knew I jumped about a foot in the air [okay that's an exaggeration... but you get it right?] and my heart nearly stopped when I suddenly heard her start shrieking at me [right next to me... she made my ears ring for a while afterward].




Of course, now everyone was staring at us... and I was becoming very agitated, uncomfortable, and embarrassed. It only made it worse that I had no idea who she was... or why she was shrieking about him at me.


Finally I made the mistake of the week. She got me so uncomfortable that I quietly blurted out that "Umm.... maybe you need to work this out with him. I really don't care because I don't believe in God."


She looked like a bomb had gone off in her mind. And then... she started on me.




It goes without saying that this was a very strange and unpleasant experience.... and if you ask me... that fishie lady needs SERIOUS psychiatric help!! O_O

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Someone has to be worse.  Bullies don't back down when you rationalize and play nice with them.  Bullies back down when you pop them in their fat fucking mouths.

I don't know if you care or not Galen, but I have always enjoyed your posts but not the two you have put on this thread because you are talking about hitting a woman that is most likely mentally imbalanced.


I have found both your posts on this thread distasteful (to me - I'm not speaking for anyone else) and I complained already about the first one as I personally feel it is better to complain to a moderator than to deal directly with the person who wrote something you felt went over the line, especially when they are using words like (STFU you stupid cunt before bashing her face in or popping the fat fucking mouth of a women) or however you worded it. It is the first time I have ever compalined about anything on this website.


I don't know, maybe you younger people just talk like this and don't really mean anything by it and if that is the case then I guess my opinion is useless. I just wanted to say it makes me very uncomfortable.


You are not someone I wish to confront on a public forum but I can only take so much before I feel I have to say something.



Just in Galens defense , he is talking about 'bullies'.  If a female was one of those 'bullies' in middle school or high school - You know , messing up combinations of lockers and making fun of younger boys , etc - I would be very proud of my younger son if he knocked her in the face.  A bully is a bully - Doesn't matter the gender IMO. 


I think Galen is just a bit more angry at those type of people than the rest of us :)


I do think however the term bully is a poor choice to compare to this womans shenanigans.  



Based on my experience, I think it is telling that she went to Skycomet for validation and support.  This is how lynch mobs are formed.  Never forget that is what religion is:  a mob with a violent history.

Flower, I appreciate your opinion and I don't mind at all that you disagree with me.  I am simply of the opinion that someone who would scream in another person's face and try to BULLY THEM (yes, I used the right word) into submission deserves to get put on their ass.  I would never tolerate this kind of treatment toward myself or another human being in my presence and this world would be a better place if no one else tolerated it either.  People act like this because they CAN.  Well, not with ME they can't.


I see below that Skycomet agreed with you.  Well, that's fine.  Though I do feel a bit like you ran and told the teacher on me (lol), i understand.  You and I can agree to disagree and I consider it done with :)


PS - It's adorable that you referred to me as a "young" person.  I suppose 32 is relatively young, but it's been years since I thought of myself that way.

You seem very angry Galen.


This word "bully" is used wrongly all the time these days - often to justify appalling behaviour.


Have you seen a film called "The Last Supper"? It kind of reminds of this place sometimes, full of smug people who just know that they are right, and think that makes it ok to behave in a horrible manner. When they get challenged to intellectualise with the people they look down on, it is a revelation to them.


We get it in the UK - the intellectual left are exactly the same - why try and understand someone, when you can talk down to them and condemn them?


As a left wing atheist, I struggle with it...


You know, taking the piss out of Christians (or threatening to beat them up because you disagree with them) is like shooting sharks in a teacup. Trying to engage them, getting them to question their beliefs, well, there is the real challenge.


While I value your perspective, I think you need to understand that the situation in the U.S. is radically different from that in the U.K.  In the U.K. non-believers have become the majority.  In the U.S., we are still a reviled minority. 


I have been threatened (and not just with hellfire and damnation), forced to participate in illegal and un-Constitutional prayer sessions, forced to recant by a teacher, picked on mercilessly, slandered to a degree that is nothing less than comical (if it hadn't had such a disastrous effect on my life and family, that is), forced out of jobs (and a career), shunned and ostracized. 


You have no idea what our lives are like here.  My guess is that Galen has had some very bad experiences of his own.  I think you need to understand that he wouldn't be so angry if that were not the case.


For American atheists, sites like this one are like support groups for crime victims, because, frankly, many of us are exactly that.  I think it is inappropriate to be overly critical without first discerning what is motivating Galen.  I seriously doubt that it is simply a case of feeling intellectually superior, as you imply.



I take on board what you are saying - I understand that the evangelical right (or of any persuasion, I suppose) exert more influence in America. I have seen some of the stuff said by Bush et al, and it is appalling.


We don't experience that over here so much, but don't kid yourself that Christianity over here is some benign force - in smaller communities, atheists still suffer from small minded attitudes. But I accept it is not the same. The land of the free, huh?


I just think that calling someone a cunt and threatening them with violence is unjustifiable, and plays right into the hands of those who see atheists as amoral, empty vessels.  Galen may have his reasons, but it does him no credit.


Most people who advocate violence justify it in some way.


Precisement. I agree... GALEN WAS OUT OF LINE! However, Mo is absolutely right! What I went through is TYPICAL of experiences with Christians over here! We are treated like we are something disgusting that ended up stuck to the bottom of their shoes. Granted... most christians aren't as CRAZY as that woman... but if you come out atheist here you risk everything... literally... 

Let me list off the possible consequences of coming out atheist:

1. Losing your family

2. Getting kicked out of the house

3. Getting physically abused

4. Having your children taken away from you

5. Being screamed at by strangers and loved ones alike

6. Being forced to go to church or talk to ministers/ priests to "fix you"

7. Being sent to "Jesus Camp" against your will

8. Being threatened with violence

9. Being beaten up by peers

10. Bullying [duh!] :P

11. Having your property destroyed/ vandalized [car windows broken, atheist books burned, darwin fish feet torn off, etc]

12. Being badgered by accusatory questions [this is pretty much guaranteed!]

13. Losing the love of your life through break up/ divorce

14. Being Murdered [Rare... but not unheard of. Asia McGowan was murdered by a fundamentalist in 2008 because she was an atheist.]

PS... who has been through any of this... raise thy hand!



Silly Moderator, Galen can't be out of line; that's an absurdity!  Now go back and adjust your thinking until you realize that Galen is always right and if he seems to be wrong, then NO YOU!


LOL!  I appreciate you handling it, Skycomet.  Blessed Be and all that jazz :)

heh... I'm not a mod. lol.


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