How many of you have ever been scared to death by a how crazy a Christian can be? 


A couple of months ago I was working on doing emails for my internship. It was in the public computer lab area. And... well... let's say I NEVER would have suspected what was going to happen next.


Everything seemed to be going well until I heard a young woman shrieking nearby. I turned around and saw that she was red as a lobster in the face and her eyes were wild while she was shrieking at a young man sitting in front of one of the computers who was looking at her quietly bewildered, shocked, and upset. [It was a one-woman argument... or rather a one-woman screaming fest... O_O]. I had a hard time hearing what she was screaming at him about [she was so hysterical that her words were almost incoherent]... but I did catch a couple of words and the fact that everyone in the computer lab was staring at her. The words I caught were "God" "Jesus" and "How DARE you!" The young man was hard to make out for a different reason... he was so overwhelmed by her reaction that his responses to her shrieks were nearly inaudible mumbles.


Of course... as an atheist when I heard this combination of words... my thoughts were [Oh crap!] I was wishing I could escape... but in order to get to the door... I would have to pass the crazy woman. So... I tried to look as invisible as possible as I leaned my face as close as possible to the screen and became suddenly very interested in my emails. [lol]. 


Despite my attempt to be invisible she must of seen me.... because next thing I knew I jumped about a foot in the air [okay that's an exaggeration... but you get it right?] and my heart nearly stopped when I suddenly heard her start shrieking at me [right next to me... she made my ears ring for a while afterward].




Of course, now everyone was staring at us... and I was becoming very agitated, uncomfortable, and embarrassed. It only made it worse that I had no idea who she was... or why she was shrieking about him at me.


Finally I made the mistake of the week. She got me so uncomfortable that I quietly blurted out that "Umm.... maybe you need to work this out with him. I really don't care because I don't believe in God."


She looked like a bomb had gone off in her mind. And then... she started on me.




It goes without saying that this was a very strange and unpleasant experience.... and if you ask me... that fishie lady needs SERIOUS psychiatric help!! O_O

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Finally I made the mistake of the week. She got me so uncomfortable that I quietly blurted out that "Umm.... maybe you need to work this out with him. I really don't care because I don't believe in God." 


Laughing. You have guts. I would have been like a deer in headlights.


Reminds me of the stories you hear about mentalyl ill people on the streets that go around shouting about Jesus. Well I know that is not funny because they are mentally ill, but I think you have a point about this lady sounds like she forgot to take her meds that day or something. I would hope that someone who acted like that would not be viewed as demonstrating acceptable behavior by anyone including Christians.  


lol... actually I kinda was a "deer in headlights." I wasn't being brave or anything when I said that... I don't think... I don't remember really being able to process my thoughts with her shrill screams cutting through my head and blowing out my ear drums... so I think I just kinda blurted it out without thinking. lmao
WOW!  You handled it better than I would have.  I have never been randomly approached like that.  Hate to imagine how it could turn out.  I hope she stormed out of there, never to return, and you and the other guy fully recover from the shock and trauma she inflicted.  o_O

I have never been randomly approached like that.

I hope you never do. O_O It's very unpleasant... but thankfully I think direct, unsolicited confrontation with wackjobs doesn't happen that often.


I hope she stormed out of there, never to return

Unfortunately the area where I intern is fairly small... so I still pass her in the halls from time to time. o_o I think she has forgotten about this incident as she hasn't passed me with dirty looks or the "terrified eyes." However... with nutcases... you can never be sure. You CAN be sure that I have never talked to her since... unless forced to by my internship [unlikely]. I did notice something as I saw her occasionally in the halls. She tends to always be alone [and other people sometimes give her nervous looks] and she always has that perpetually angry and self-righteous look on her face that you would imagine on the face of an early 20th century prohibitionist.

You should have patted her on the head condescendingly and gone there, there, of course he does. Not because he does just because she sounds insane!!!!
wow you did handle that well, my initial reaction would have been to tell her to SHUT THE HELL UP!...i dont have the kind of patience and tolerance for that kind of stuff..sounds extremely psychotic

Lolz, welcome to my world...

She had that crazy look in her eyes, didn't she... I know, I've seen it a few times. The type that go off like that seem SOOOO normal, until religion comes up. At that point, their eyes kinda glaze over, and they start talking louder and louder, even if you agree with them. Heaven forbid (hahaha, sorry, just had to go there) you say something that goes against their insane idea of christianity (as if THAT'S not bad enough as it is), cuz that's when the screaming exorcist-type crazy comes out. It's almost as if the power of christ compels them to go ape-shit insane in no time at all...

Your best bet is to gain as much distance from these people as quickly as possible. These are the ones you will have to cross the street to avoid in the future, because, yes, they are fucking nuts. These people will get violent, so be careful, Sky... I've been in a few fights in my life, and I'm not scared to take a punch, but when christian mentalists decide god is on their side, it's time to be afraid for your life.



By the way, this can happen with people of many religions, not just christianity. I just used it because so far, I've only had christians fly off the handle like that with me...

She had that crazy look in her eyes, didn't she


Yes. She DEFINITELY looked scary. I have bipolar... so I know a manic look when I see one... and she definitely had one. They all share similar characteristics... Eyes with a hard stare... overly bright... and yet with no warmth. It's like you can see the rage.

Yup. That's what she looked like that day. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? -_-'

It's almost as if the power of christ compels them to go ape-shit insane in no time at all...


Holy Bannanas! That just made my fucking day!! XD

I would've shown her what fucking crazy is all about.  ZERO patience for such rude inconsiderate people.


"Yes, and I'm sure Jesus would be acting just like you are right now, wouldn't he?  SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU STUPID CUNT before I bash your fucking face in!"


Such fun :)

And you would suddenly become worse than her.


Good job.


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