What do you say to people who say, "Oh, you are an atheist? Well that takes faith too. You have faith that there is no god. That is a belief system." I know it's like the whole unicorn argument. Do you have faith that there are no unicorns on Jupiter or some shit...I'm just not sure what I believe right now. I have a Christian man telling me all kinds of things making me doubt my atheism, lol....I know I know...It's horrible. I'm just confused. I don't know what I believe or what I don't believe right now. I just know I need to go back to basics and remember the reasons why I turned from Christianity to begin with. 

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Faith discredits itself by proving to be insufficient to satisfy the faithful.

Christopher Hitchens.

RE: Faith discredits itself by proving to be insufficient to satisfy the faithful.

It sounds catchy but it's not really saying anything profound and he is wrong.

I'm quite satisfied myself.

String Theory, however... that is unsatisfying.

I'd say that I have faith in the scientific method. I believe it was Neil DeGrasse who stated that "God is an ever-receding pocket of ignorance". During the origins of all religions, it was the things that people didn't understand that were attributed to a higher power. The flood story is everywhere in religions because civilizations sparked up around rivers so that land could be irrigated. They didn't understand why the floods occurred so they attributed it to the anger of the gods. They didn't understand that earthquakes could spark tsunamis. I can only imagine how the first men would've completely freaked out when an eclipse masked the sun. Most of these faiths stem from sun worship because they relied on it so heavily. That's why their head deities were compared to the sun, including Christianity.

I'd say that I have faith in the scientific method. 

Now that's ironic.

I wonder if we're glossing over different [degrees or definitions of faith and evidence]?

I was more referring to the irony of someone having faith in a "Scientific Method," when actual scientists recognize the "Scientific Method" is a myth.  

Your referenced comment is also mythological, @Pope.  Some sciences value reproducibility, mostly those that can be accomplished in laboratory environments for a reasonable cost.   Others like geology, ecology, population biology, many aspects of astronomy, etc. don't have a reproducible component.   The extinction of the dinosaurs happened only once, so did the Big Bang.  


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