You Guys/Gals Make the Site What it is Today! Thank You!

Hey guys!

First off, I wanted to give all of you a big shout out, and say THANK YOU!

This is more of a post to let you know how much of a success you have made Think Atheist. Your support and dedication has been enormous!

With that said, I would like to let everyone know that my intention is to dedicate my life to supporting the cause of atheism and defending reason. With people like YOU, we can seriously take on anything that comes our way. I also want to make it clear that I consider myself just a regular member of the site just like you.

Thanks everyone! Have a great day/evening!

Remember :] Think Atheist

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Hi Morgan
It is great isnt it that we can correspond all over the World and be friends because of our beliefs. All religions claim they are the only true religions. I wonder what would happen if they all did get together.
My only regret that I had to wait this long to be able to express my views to those who can understand me and respect them.
Trying to bring some justice to the injustic es caused by religion.
I love going to my Brighton and Hove Humanist Society once a month and to meet like minded people of all ages and walks of life. I love the podcast and thank you for it
Sorry. We have only one rule here. No kazoos.
Don't you mean Know kazoos?
Will this be a trending topic now on Twitter?!
Know Kazoos, No Peace. :)


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