"Atheists can't celebrate Christmas because Christmas is about CHRIST. And everyone knows Atheists hate Jesus and our Lord."


My IQ dropped.

what do you think?

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Um, wow...
I celebrate Newtonmas instead :).

But in all seriousness, Christmas has been so integrated into our culture, children who celebrate it don't even seem to know it's about Jesus half the time. It's about giving and receiving presents, not going to work, and being with your family (or whoever you want to be with).
Someday if I actually own a house, I am filling the front yard with apple trees just to be decorated for Newtonmas! That is great.
That is funny considering how much the Christian holidays owe to other religions or cultural celebrations.
Yeah, very much the same for me. Growing up, I worshiped Santa on Christmas (and my new toys!). Jesus had very little to do with it except when my mother would occasionally and weakly remind us that it was all about Jesus. Uh huh, sure mom.
I dont listen to have the stuff believers say. Whenever you refute something they've said with facts they make up another excuse. Reminds me of Lamb Chop's play along "the song that never ends"
Lol it's so true...the infinite regression of excuses often elicits the same desire to gouge my ears out as the Lamb Chop song, too.
I'll have the song stuck in my head all day now .. THANX!
(helluva good song actually)
Bah! I like presents and food and family gatherings and all pretty lights and trees and all that stuff. I've *never* really thought of Christmas as "Jesus' birthday" not even when I was a devout Christian. It just doesn't FEEL like that.

So yeah, I'll observe whatever holiday I want :)
I love when Christians try to claim Christmas as their own.

False on 2 counts:

1) They stole it from the pagans who were celebrating the same holiday decades earlier for the reasons stated in an earlier reply. It was basically a marketing ploy. By keeping the same holidays as Paganism, early Christians hoped it would be easier to convert Pagans to Christianity.

2) Modern Christmas is about as un-Christly a holiday as you'll ever find. It is now nothing more than a reason for unabashed consumerism. People spend themselves into the poor house in an attempt to one-up each other with the best gift, literally going so far as to *KILL* others over the season's hottest toy or sale. Charity is lost, along with any sense of decency or self-respect in what might as well be called Wal-Mart-mas at this point. If Jesus were real my guess is that he'd be utterly disgusted by what Americans today call Christmas.
If Jesus were real my guess is that he'd be utterly disgusted by what Americans today call Christmas.

If Jesus were real, he'd probably want all Americans dead.


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