"Atheists can't celebrate Christmas because Christmas is about CHRIST. And everyone knows Atheists hate Jesus and our Lord."


My IQ dropped.

what do you think?

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actually, in 2009, winter solstice is on the 21st at 17.47 UT.
i have no reason to celebrate it on the 25th.
The Converter Rule #1 would be valid given you wanted to change anyone. I personally don't want to change anyone. I just want to make them stop spreading lies. I'm all too happy to burst the bubbles when the opportunity comes up. My feeling is that I'm not going to change anyone's religion, so it's better to just lay out where they are wrong an hope that they stop spreading lies. I don't try this in a disrespectful way. I just do it as interesting history. I like being Cliff Clavin at parties. Now if i could just figure out why I don't go to the same parties each year...
just because I am an atheist I am supposed to hate? Maybe I am doing it wrong!
Of course I can celebrate Christmas. Not in a religious context, but a as a part of our culture and because of tradition. I don't have to believe the fairy tales which are connected with it.
Carnival was once a ritual to banish ghosts. I celebrate it anyway although I don't believe in ghosts and I think nobody celebrates carnival because he is frightened of ghosts.

And I can't hate something which doesn't exist. I don't hate fairies or dragons ether.
Lately, The Amazing Atheist's videos have been irritating. But I did like the one he just put out on atheists celebrating Christmas.

An Atheist Christmas: Reason For The Season
Only lately? ;-)
Lol, you caught me trying to be nice.
LOL. Nothing wrong with that!
And I thought I was being too critical.
There is no such thing!
ME TOO! Never in my life has Christmas been about religion in my family! it's about presents and food! haha.
Anyone who says this about Christmas is simply not educated on the history of the holiday. Or the religion. Halloween & Easter, too. They were also pagan holidays. I barely even warrant IRL discussions of this nature... but maybe I should start being more aggressive about it.


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