You can start by having an original thought you hive minded atheist drones.

This is a response from our video:

you atheists are SOOOOOOO hive minded. I can't tell you how many times I've heard the old God is = to unicorns strawman argument. Comparing the creator of the universe space and time who's existence explains everything to some mythical animal who existence would explain nothing is bush league atheism. your gonna have to do better than that.

You can start by having an original thought you hive minded atheist drones.
You can respond to his comment here or on the video comment section here

haha, all you can do is laugh. :P

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Also, I used this video as a video response to Ray Comfort and company's newest video. So we could be getting snake oil sales man sneaking around :P
We aren't afraid.
Clearly, we should have used the FSM instead of a unicorn. The FSM explains everything. :)
you took the words right out of my mouth (fingers...? haha)
Noodely appendages?
Well obviously. The FSM is clearly superior to all.
What explains god?

Original thoughts? How about natural selection or relativity?
Reworded: Because the attributes assigned to a particular god's makeup include any and all powers imaginable, the god fantasy can't be challenged with any other fantasy character.

I also love the irony in calling a unicorn "mythical" and giving an "existence" to some god. "God is real and unicorns aren't, so the comparison isn't valid!" Geez. A brain of someone that works this way must hurt a lot.
Unfortunately what the writer describes as original thoughts really means "make shit up." Our originality is constrained by objective reality. We can't just invent new ideas that are contradicted by known fact.

Secondly, this really is the pot calling the kettle black. Creationism is about the least original idea in the world.
You mind reader you.
I JUST finished making the pot / kettle point to my mom haha.
And yeah, fundies don't understand that science changes because we have the ability to admit we were wrong and continue the pursuit of truth and knowledge. Sticking to your story (literally) is childishly stubborn and ignorant. Mommy and Daddy & the venerable old man on the soap box told me this over & over with total certainty, so I'm going to desperately cling to it; science is fickle and opposite to my views, so it MUST be wrong.
lol @ someone not getting the point of IPU.
I'll take two!


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