You can start by having an original thought you hive minded atheist drones.

This is a response from our video:

you atheists are SOOOOOOO hive minded. I can't tell you how many times I've heard the old God is = to unicorns strawman argument. Comparing the creator of the universe space and time who's existence explains everything to some mythical animal who existence would explain nothing is bush league atheism. your gonna have to do better than that.

You can start by having an original thought you hive minded atheist drones.
You can respond to his comment here or on the video comment section here

haha, all you can do is laugh. :P

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But he's such a pretty unicorn! How can you not simply believe anything that he says?

Hail to the Borg!
Hail to the Borg! I love that.

It seems this person has it backwards to me. Religion is obviously more hive minded than atheism. We are far more diverse.
Sure... hive minded atheism... a pity we don't just have a single text resource we turn to every single time anything is criticised or challenged, that would really help with our individuality. :(



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