You can now turn on Email Digests on Think Atheist!

We have enabled this new feature so you do not get bombarded by a ton of emails while in a discussion with others within the community. Your e-mail box will thank you! :]


Here is a quick example of what your new daily email will look like:

Enabling this feature will allow you to opt in to receiving email digests. By default, your current settings for receiving immediate notifications will remain in place.


To activate the feature for your account, head to your Settings and click "Email" on the left. Or you can click here for quick access. (Or hover over the "My Page" tab and click "email notifications" From your personal Email Settings page, select the option to receive "Daily" emails and click "Save" at the bottom of the page.


To begin receiving normal notifications emails again at any time, head back to this page, select the "Instantly" option for Email Frequency and click "Save" at the bottom of the page.


We hope you will enjoy this new feature on Think Atheist!

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Just FYI, you have to turn this feature on yourself. It is not on by default.

:] This has been in testing for some time so if you have any problems with it please let me know personally. Thanks again for your support on Think Atheist!


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