You are stuck on an island infested with dionsaurs... Pick one list of things you can have on the island.

This is more just for fun :] Which one would you pick?

I am going to pick B. Staying light equipment wise is important. And we all know if you had a rifle it is unlikely to help as we clearly saw The Game Warden of the park, Robert Muldoon get killed quite easily.

Just have fun with this one!

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Because what kills you is overconfidence. Tools provide it, lack of tools don't. Having a set of tools will also make a "box", and the key to survival is to think outside of the box and be unconstrained. Fear is the ultimate survival tool as long as one don't panic, but if you loose your axe or your machete, there's a higher chance of panicking.None of the items described would last much more than a few months before becoming useless, and by that time you would have gotten so used to them it would be impossible to think of alternatives.

Though an extra set of underwear might come in handy. I hate walking in underwear I've soiled.

I am being realistic. The other person in this thread doing the same is the guy who would use the rope to hang himself. Stuff like this might come in handy a few days, but three years - or 3 months for that matter - it would only serve to kill you.

Also, it's called the Robinson Crusoe scenario sans Friday. ;)


Edit: If it's a "just for fun" question, such as which supermodel I'd want to be stranded on an island with, my answer is Jessica Alba. My apologies if it wasn't meant to be a survival scenario...

To be a bit more specific:

I assume this would be a tropical or subtropical environment which means high humidity and daily heavy rainfall. The sharp objects would degrade and become useless within a few days at the least, a few weeks at most. The medkit would make you less sceptical about trying potentially harmful substances as well as having a substantial weight you will have to lug around. 3 years supplies of water purifying tablets, assuming a 5g tablet purifies 1l of water and you will require 6l each day, would weigh 5*6*356*3=33kg. That's a lot of weight without a proper backpack. 10ft of rope may come in handy... until it breaks horribly when you depend on it the most. The hunting rifle would have soggy ammo after a few weeks in a high humidity environment and start rusting quickly. After a week or so it would probably blow up in your face or just jam completely. Also, the additional weight of ammo would be a heavy burden, forcing you to drink more water... ref the purifying pills. You would be unable to keep the firestarter dry, and it would be one of the first things to throw away. A book would be pieces of cellulose in a matter of days.

And that's why I would choose none of the above as they don't help me, but only force my to forgo my imagination. 

Suffice to say, you may wish to consider survival training.

"Typically, no"

Typically yes. Let's just agree to disagree, but in my experience from field training edged blades (knifes and bayonets) are only useful for stabbing after 3-4 days. Flint is much better as you can just chip it sharp and it was our choice. Also, sharp blades have the inherent risk of cutting yourself, which without antiseptic may be deadly.

"Utter nonsense."

There will not be any hospitals around and you will be starving. After 2-3 days without food you'll put random leafs in your mouth without thinking about it due to exhaustion. There is also the danger of infected meats and the vast majority of people end up with some sort of stomach flu after a very short period of time either through the inevitable hygiene issues or careless caused by lack of concentration.

"Six litres is a lot per day,"

It's a bare minimum. In cold weather training it's min 6 liters per day (with medium intensity physical pressure, typically 12-14 hours or around 4000 kcal/day) . I presume jungle training would be at least as much. You can't carry around 20l of water. No water container size is provided but for sake of argument let's assume 1l.

"That depends on the rope and the usage."

Presumably one would use it in every situation that would require a rope, such as scaling sharp hills which wear quickly on ropes. Would you use a climbing rope which had been used 150 times before..? 50 times? 10 times? I wouldn't as the wear would be substantial even after a few times.

"I don't think that assessment is correct"

Assault rifles usually start misfiring at around 500 bullets fired. You would need gun oil, cleaning cloth, cleaning pin etc to ensure reliability. In the field they need to be cleaned at least thrice daily. Also, a hunting rifle usually weigh in at around 3-4kg and are unwieldy. The scope may be useful, mostly for lighting fires, but that's until the glass breaks into too many sharp pieces which end in cuts and potential disease.

"I see you've never used one before."

We were given one at the first bivuac to proof exactly how unreliable they are after 2-3 days. Flint is somewhat better, but the easiest thing is just a stick, some vine and dry bark - but this requires a bit of technique.

"All of your points were pure crap based in random assumptions in situations where you clearly have no experience and were unwilling to source accurate information."

You about that. Presumably you have been left without the support of society for a few days which has granted you all this insight..?

"If you have assets available to you, think "outside the box""

That's not human psychology works, especially after 2-3 days without food of sleep. It's at that point you start hallucinating and make major fuckups at every turn, which is another point why sharp objects are not a good idea to have around.

Walk out of the house right now, continue walking for 4 days with max 2-3 hours of sleep each day and no food, carrying around your own weight in baggage. Come back and share your experiences.

I have to disagree about stabbing. As long as a knife has a point, you can stab with it. The edge will dull rapidly (especially with concentrated use), but the edge has little to do with penetration. Penetration is more a function of the acuteness of the angle at the fore edge of the blade and even a blade with a dull edge but a very acute tip angle will penetrate quite nicely, though it'll be crap for slashing or slicing. But as long as there are a variety of rocks around, you should be able to keep a fairly good edge on a blade, though not necessarily a very pretty one as you would if you had a sharpening stone or some such.

The unfortunate thing about sharpening knifes on rocks is the side effect of finding out exactly how sharp it's possible to get it as you stab it through your own hand. ;)

In a situation described, your ability to use tools is what is most likely to kill you. You are your own worst enemy. A few days without sleep, cold, dehydration, physical exhaustion etc and you start having serious issues with hand-eye coordination in particular and consciousness in general.

It isn't a walk on the beach or something even remotely close to the most exhausted you have ever been. One of the largest dangers is actually falling asleep while walking and just veering off a cliff. It's unimaginable until you experience it for yourself.

or the knife blade will diminish over time.  5 years later , you may find yourself with a very small dagger.. 

One thing I'd bring, my ability to do this:

B but I'd rather have the machete instead of the knife


I suppose I'd go with C and make use of the rope and machete to construct a boat so I can get the frak off this hypothetical dinosaur infested island!  

BTW, it looks like 2 of the photos are from my favorite Hawaiian island, Kauai.  It's already infested with dinosaur descendants, namely wild chickens blown around by a hurricane.....

Damn a boat or a raft or something, why didn't I think of that? Dying of thirst at open sea is so much preferable over being eaten alive in soiled underwear by anachronistic creatures, without a grasp of the aristocracy of the modern food-chain.

Maybe perhaps indeed it's worth a shot to see if by becoming a creationist this will make 'em go vegetarian. But the downside might then be they'll cram up on your raft and fuck up all the long hours you put into it.


You're probably right - and my hastily constructed boat (really a raft) would be about as sea worthy as an anchor.  At least I'd have some reading material with the survival book.....


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