You are stuck on an island infested with dionsaurs... Pick one list of things you can have on the island.

This is more just for fun :] Which one would you pick?

I am going to pick B. Staying light equipment wise is important. And we all know if you had a rifle it is unlikely to help as we clearly saw The Game Warden of the park, Robert Muldoon get killed quite easily.

Just have fun with this one!

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I would pick A, then use the gun to rob the other 2 atheists who chose B and C.

Noooo, just kidding!  I'd actually choose A because I'd need to eat, and if there's dinosaurs there's bound to be smaller critters that I could bring down with that nice hunting scope.

Yeah can't go wrong with ammo scatter around the island haha

What? No dinosaur poison or anti-tank weaponry.

Definitely C because of the book!!!  

I'd go for the machete and a file to keep it sharp. The handbook would be good, even without dino-specific information. Wild carnivores are wild carnivores. Avoiding them and dealing with bite wounds will be the same for raptors and grizzlies. I'd want at least 30' of rope or more, and the medkit would be good too. Toss the antivenin for some more antibiotic ointment. Rather than purification pills, a couple tarps would be great. One for shelter, and one for a catchment system or a solar still. Also, good boots & extra socks!

Ooo fun, in a terrifying way.

C. I have used a machete so much and am able to wield it as well as any axe, and can use it for almost anything that a knife can be used as. Trees, slicing, dicing, small and large cuts, I can do it all with a machete.

A rope is ALWAYS handy, and the book can give me ways to start a fire without a fire starter, and show me how to purify water without water pills. I can also find plants that can be used as bandages and are antibiotic, though that's a bit adventurous and dangerous unless you have some plant knowledge.. The hunting rifle is useless for many situations. It will ATTRACT a large dino to you, the last thing you want.

A is best, but only weakly The trouble is that none of the choices would allow you to live very long on an island infested with the likes of T-Rex and velociraptors, would they? Not without boatloads of good luck. The T-Rex would hardly feel a hit by the rifle and its brain is so tiny and so far in its cranium that a bullet is very unlikely to reach it before you get gobbled up like some hors d'oeuvre. As for velociraptors, they hunted in packs, like African wild dogs. You'd probably have more luck backing up against a rock wall, were one handy, and swinging it at them. The other two sets of options, taken together, would be great as far as survival, but wouldn't help much in terms of surviving the predators on the island. Anyway, assuming those thing are all you had, if the dinosaurs didn't get you, parasites probably would. Despite having a way to start fire (which is kind of redundant, given that you can start fire without it), the lack of a cooking pot would make boiling water very difficult, so you'd be drinking water right out of the river. Option B should have dumped the fire starter in exchange for something to cook in.

I'd go with C and hang myself with the rope because there's no way I'm going to survive three years. The gun is less reliable, if it goes wrong things get more ugly than need be. Besides the SAS handbook might contain some information on how to quickly poison myself with herbs or something.

Bravo! My nominee for the best answer yet.

What, no Breastplate of Righteousness?

I would pick D.

D contains the knife, the fire starter, and the ten feet of rope.

Now, somebody has to volunteer and go put to test which of the three presented options is the most effective, quite simple, all you have to do is stay alive, right? (◕‿~)'

None of the above.

If I haven't amassed the knowledge required to fend for myself for 3 years none of it will help me and only provide a false sense of security.


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