You are stuck on an island infested with dionsaurs... Pick one list of things you can have on the island.

This is more just for fun :] Which one would you pick?

I am going to pick B. Staying light equipment wise is important. And we all know if you had a rifle it is unlikely to help as we clearly saw The Game Warden of the park, Robert Muldoon get killed quite easily.

Just have fun with this one!

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Okay after some consideration I think I am going with C

C for sure!  I'm am not in any way a Bear Grills guy and would need all the help I could get ero I would need the book. Starting a fire would not be easy but do-able without the fire starter. Although I do have to say, the water thing is huge. You know much of the island's natural water supply would be tainted with Dino pee. :-( 

One of the main problems I thought of was watching shows of Africa on Discovery channel. Go near the water hole and there is a good chance your going to die.


I would likely fashion a few big leaves into water catchers.


b. Water is the most important thing you can have. Axes can help you set up traps and catch small dinosaurs for food. Not to mention that easy access to fire is a vital importance to survival. You can make a simple handline for fishing using simple rope made from vines. If your lucky you can come across something to fashion a bowl out of, you can use the bowl for boiling water to conserve purification tablets. A hatchet is also very useful tool when it comes to building shelter. If I could have a knife instead of a hatchet it'd be awesome because you can split small logs with a survival knife much easier than an axe. But you can fashion long wooden stakes out of logs and place them around your shelter to take care of the bigger dinos. Um... Yeah, that should Pretty much take care of it. Provided I don't get gobbled up <./body>

I still think a machete beats an axe hands down. Ever watch Survivor? They always supply them with machetes! 

but you can fashion handlines out of the hatchet. i guess it depends on if your camping it out or moving about. if i had to keep moving then yeah id take the machete

This is a tricky one. I'm gonna go with C because of the book.

The rifle doesn't have enough power to stop a decent sized dinosaur

I'll go with B. Not sure what I'd need a rope for except to build a trap

or to hang oneself after you realize you are the weakest link and will probably get eaten eventually?

There is no mention of the caliber or power of the rifle, I'll face any T-rex with a 50 cal BMG

"Hunting rifles" rarely come in 50 cal. Certainly not the one pictured


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