You are stuck on an island infested with dionsaurs... Pick one list of things you can have on the island.

This is more just for fun :] Which one would you pick?

I am going to pick B. Staying light equipment wise is important. And we all know if you had a rifle it is unlikely to help as we clearly saw The Game Warden of the park, Robert Muldoon get killed quite easily.

Just have fun with this one!

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C for a couple of reasons.  1.  With the machete you could clear out a latrine area (no predators to sneak up on you unawares)   2. Read the SAS book and use the read pages to wipe your ass. ( Any water you drink will likely give you the trots, so clear your latrine area and read fast.)  3.  The rope you can fashion into a noose to hang yourself once you realize the futility of your situation...thanks to reading the book and shitting yourself silly for a week.



I would say A, because it has the first aid kit, and safety and health are majorly important. However, if I were allowed to read through the book on list C, and it contained all that I needed it to, say, how to get water, start fires, eat the right things and how to heal yourself using found things, then I would choose C.

Presumably, mammals slightly less intelligent and adaptable than we humans survived for at least 3 years alongside the original dinosaurs, so I would have to give ourselves at least a fighting chance.  Plus, from the photos in the thread's header, it looks like possibly fresh-water lakes on this island?  And if the Jurassic Park guys didn't happen to clone any Plesiosaurs and such, then perhaps one could build a floating habitat out there on a lake, with access to plenty of fresh water and some protection from land-dwelling predators.  We don't know that T-Rex could swim, do we?

Actually, the lower forms of life tend to be the most likely to survive, are they not? Our intelligence may in the end be more of a liability than a guarantee of survival. The insects, spiders, shellfish, worms, germs, and viruses (not technically alive) are probably much the same they were hundreds of millions of years ago before humankind darkened the doorstep of the planet earth. While we are in a temporary upswing of overpopulation (which will inevitably crash), the most prolific and successful mammals on the planet are fairly far down in the brightness department: rodents, shrews, and bats come to mind. I believe that among mammals, measured in terms of biomass (pounds of red flesh), bats are the most successful group of species.

That's an astute observation.  Which has a better chance of surviving against a world populated by dinosaurs, a human or a field mouse?  I would have to agree the mouse wins.

I would go for option C since the SAS survival handbook tells you how to survive anything with nothing to start with! :D

Considering the dinosaurs I would like option D to be a huge box of baconstrips & baconstrips & baconstrips & baconstrips & baconstrips & baconstrips & baconstrips & baconstrips & baconstrips!

Ps. yes, its a reference to epic meal time ;)

I won't need group B since my glasses will start a fire, the water will be fine, and the axe will be relatively useless.  In group A, the knife will be too small to be effective, if I need anything in the medical kit, I will probably die anyway, and the rifle will be too cumbersome in the forest.  It might not bring down a dinosaur anyway.  Group C at least has rope (you can always use rope).  The machete will be useful, and (at the very least), the pages of the book can help me start that fire.

But, it is important to realize that the likelihood of lasting that long when a human is the bottom of the food chain is low.

Well, I would choose A, but not for the rifle. Reasons being are this:

Islands are volcanic, ergo I can find flint to use with my knife as a fire starter. I will have basic medical equipment. The pictures of the island show there is a freshwater lake. I can start a fire and boil that water to kill any bacteria. If I need rope, that island looks tropical, so there are probably vines laying around everywhere that I can weave to get WAY better than 10ft of rope.

Then on a side note, Id search for a secluded cave, away from where any dinosaur was at or could get to. Make a homemade fishing rod, some spears with that flint rock I found, and could use my gun for hunting. Find native fruits and veggies growing around, and I could survive easily. 

You didnt ask about the dinosaurs attacking, only surviving, so there is my answer. :D Also, Im a way better shot than Robert Muldoon, and humans are more agile. 


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