You are stuck on an island infested with dionsaurs... Pick one list of things you can have on the island.

This is more just for fun :] Which one would you pick?

I am going to pick B. Staying light equipment wise is important. And we all know if you had a rifle it is unlikely to help as we clearly saw The Game Warden of the park, Robert Muldoon get killed quite easily.

Just have fun with this one!

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Water is everywhere, start a fire with a rifle cartridge and boil it.

I'll go with A.  I can easily use the knife to open a rifle cartridge for some powder with which it will be easy to start a fire.  Once I've got some good embers it's easy to relight the fire.  I think the antibiotics and antivenom supplies are more important than water purification tablets (which make for really icky water) and I can likely rig something to boil my drinking water if need be.

Well I only need to drink a litre or so of water per day, and a good hot rock from my fire dropped into an improvised container should do the trick - plus I can use some of those big leaves as rain catchers.  Untreated wounds, bug bites, cuts, and infections, however, could be very problematic.  I guess I could always heat the axe up and sear the troublesome flesh, but I think I would prefer trying to heat my water to 180F when it wasn't raining.

I wasn't actually thinking much about the dinosaurs.  I also doubt the SAS handbook would cover raptor bites.  The water treatment is tempting for me, but I have to say I like the idea of a small, sturdy knife a lot better than a big damn ax, and the first aid kit just kinda tips it in that direction for me.

I'm with Heather on this one.


If there are T-rex on the island, I'm going for A - and find a bullet to shoot myself. I don't want to be chewed up.

The most useful part of A is the 1st aid kit. I'd never be able to purposefully kill anything with the gun and some dinosaurs are so huge that I'm sure a gun would only make them more angry.


Nothing in C seems particularly useful for me. I could use vines instead of the rope. Sure the machete could cut things but so can the knife and the axe. I already know a fair amount about wilderness survival since I grew up in an area with tons of wilderness. Besides I don't really think that book would be of too much help regarding dinosaurs.


B seems to be the best option. It has clean water. I'm already stuck on an island with dinosaurs the last thing I want is to be sick with diarrhea and unable to forage for food and firewood. Try as I might I've never been able to rub two sticks together and get fire so the firestarter is a must for me. The axe would be useful for getting bigger logs to build bigger fires. I assume dinosaurs are averse to fire like our modern day animals are so a big fire  and the ability to start one quickly would probably keep me much safer.


I think I'd have to go with B.


The best part of A would be the medkit.

The best parts of B are the water pills and fire starter.

The best part of C is the book, which I'd probably need.


But I think I'd forgo the book or medkit for fire and water. The weapons don't matter to me since they'd be worthless against most dino's. A machete would be better than an axe for exploration and shelter creation. But I just can't get past the fire and water aspect in B.

I'd go with A, most definitely.  You can make fire with the knife (gotta love a good knife), and potential items in the First Aid kit.  There are endless uses for a knife.  With that you can boil water to disinfect it, which you wouldn't even need to do (per the water purification tablets in B), because you're on an island and presumably collecting rainwater.  The gun and ammo would be indispensable.  Fire could obviously also be made with gun powder from a round of ammo.  Anyway, long story short, A.  Thanks, that was fun!

being from the deep south I can tell you that "C" is almost useless. first is the fact that a survival handbook is not even going to come close to helping with dino attacks, lol. It's mostlt going to tell you stuff like, don't travel in low spots like ravines because of flash flooding, don't clean wild game near your camp, clean food stuff away from camp quickly, yada, yada. Also 10 ft. of rope is not enough for much and will not be trustworthy in anything past 6 weeks. B offers the best chance of survival. The axe is heavy enough to chop wood and cleave bone if you skin a larger animal. The iodine tabs are good as water supports lots of parasites and other nasty stuff. The flint stick is convenient for fire but I like the axe mostly in the kit. I've swung a machete countless times and I can tell you, they get dull and your in trouble if your chopping wood. They are made for brush and greenery, not wood. My second choice is "A" but I don't like the gun because of two reasons. First if you have to find the ammo it means you will have to travel to much around the island. You don't want to venture to far from shelter in a survival situation. Second is the second you fire it, you will draw the attention of every predator in ear shot. If you shoot an animal for food, you'll have to be wary of the drawn predators. I do like the med. kit though.

C isn't useless! Machetes can be sharpened in a jiffy. I have cleared an entire backyard full of wood only sharpening it once with a stone!


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