If you were once religious then I am sure that you used to pray and ask for god's guidance and help when it came to facing sth serious or  hard ... like taking an exam or finding a job and so on.You used to relate all your success and failures to god and you always found an explanation or excuse for god  when you didn't make it ... maybe most of us became atheists and refrained religion because of this , because our lives were meaningless... as if we had no power or will in taking decisions .We were lazy and we didn't finish our work because we believed that god would be there and finish the work for us .

 Now , as an atheist , you are facing life and problems with a diffrent perspective . You are stronger without god because you know that no one up there is going to help you , so you perfect and finish what you do . When you talk , you are more decisive and stronger and when you act you wait for results. When you fail , you try to find an explanation , but this time you find a reasonable one  and you know where the problem really lies .

Congratulations , you have your life back.

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Maybe not stronger, but at least a little 'smarter'.
or both ??

Thanks for your comment , but as you can see I didn't say '' you are strong without god '' , I said stronger and that makes a difference !!

 getting rid of religion can only make you stronger ; you refrain religion when you realize that it is something negative .... and getting rid of anything negative  can only make you stronger !!

 replace religion with cigarrettes and you will see what I mean ....

 and by the way strength is relative , I may feel stronger but you may not see that ; maybe because you are very very strong .

 thanks again for sharing

I agree, and I say that to my friends who are still in religion. Whenever they ask what are you going to do? Or better yet, what should I do here? I give them advice, without bringin prayer or god into the advice. It surprises them to see that there is a way to solve problems, a way to get back up, to do better, and to enjoy success without giving credit or asking help from a non-existing higher power. I see it as one of the best ways to show my friends the beauty of being free.

Hi , thanks Barrera for sharing ,

I agree too ,being religious is like trying to solve a problem using two minds with completly  diffrent and sometimes contradicted ''logics'' ... always hard to reconcial both minds.

personally , and as an atheist, life looks easier and smoother now , religion only xomplicated things for me and I really regeret the long hours I spent on prayers !! a waste of time !!

When I accepted atheism, I instantly recognized how weak I really was as a human being. I am strong for making my own decisions, but I didn't take any responsibility for them. Now that I've accepted what I feel is absolutely, 100% true, I can't leave any room for lies or lackadaisical thinking. I am now completely responsible for every single one of my decisions, and this terrifies me.


When I decided to listen to the truth and accept it completely, nobody told me about the mind-numbing terror that accompanies taking responsibility like this.

Ronbun, I discarded Catholicism over 65 years ago. I still feel exhilarated at my rejection of this bag of nonsense. I still stand in awe of it's acceptance by so many otherwise intelligent people !

I feel the exhilaration too. It's a wonderful feeling not being under the scrutiny of some horrible, overbearing Father Figure in the sky. But it still feels terrifying, if only because I'm not sure if I can defend myself if necessary from people who will demand answers for my rejection of God.

Ronbun, the road to Atheism is a lonely & stony one. I read that dumb book in it's disgusting entirety while still in the Navy. I simply don't give a damn which of the 1,000s of the one true religion anyone else believes in. It's their problem - not mine. No one WINS an argument. In a discussion, you may 'score a point', but the rest is up to them, not me. For many years I wrote letters to the editor in response to letters by Xianuts. Through this I made many friends & a few enemies. Try it sometime - it's fun.


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