If you were once religious then I am sure that you used to pray and ask for god's guidance and help when it came to facing sth serious or  hard ... like taking an exam or finding a job and so on.You used to relate all your success and failures to god and you always found an explanation or excuse for god  when you didn't make it ... maybe most of us became atheists and refrained religion because of this , because our lives were meaningless... as if we had no power or will in taking decisions .We were lazy and we didn't finish our work because we believed that god would be there and finish the work for us .

 Now , as an atheist , you are facing life and problems with a diffrent perspective . You are stronger without god because you know that no one up there is going to help you , so you perfect and finish what you do . When you talk , you are more decisive and stronger and when you act you wait for results. When you fail , you try to find an explanation , but this time you find a reasonable one  and you know where the problem really lies .

Congratulations , you have your life back.

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You are stronger without god... this title has just attracted me...very sweet discussions..

as if you are reading my thoughts!..


you know that atheists who were religious became stronger! yep indeed the do...


 This is my real real feeling and experience that can't be described below,

[liberation from the shackles of Allah = strength mixed with happiness and optimism]


Yeah, I was very religious once, then I discovered how much damage that God did to mankind.

On the other hand, I began to see how much benefits humans achieved from Science!


I wish if I am a poet to write something about stronger without god :)


Happy Athesit and Happy Morning

my reply posted at 8:10 am

thanx hope for your sincere emotions !! maybe  you liked my discussion because we believed in the same religion ... ?
But god DOES win football games about half the time, all over the country.
Sorry Sir, but I cannot see what you mean by god' wins
Hi idcollapse, People pray for their team to win - every pray-er. So god favors 'their team' about half the time.   :-)
Lol , and what happened to god this time ; He just cannot handle winning all the time, right  !!! or maybe the other team is praying for a different god ... ??

Definitely , religion is the worst cancer ever existed .... you cannot have a normal life with it ; your comment reminded me of one of George Carlin"s shows on youtube .... it's about religion and so funny ...

 thnk you Rich Hugunine

Rich, A very good brief summary of an absurd belief system. What a pity that zealous Xians won't even consider it.
I  Like it too !!
I am no stronger with a fish in my pocket than without a fish in my pocket.
That is to say , ..... because I am not tha good with words Kirk

Based on what we know the god concept exploits and to what it does, it does not necessarily follow one is stronger without god.

There are even some who become weaker.


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