Stumbled across this place on the interwebs, seems cool enough.


I'm a Swede so we really don't need support groups for atheists, but in recent years I've become more interested in the work of Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens (get well soon, things are sadly looking really bad for him at the moment), and I guess I've gone from being an agnostic who really didn't care much either way to being an atheist (the simple argument of who created the creator I guess is the main reason). From that I've gone on to be kind of anti-religion...not in a way that I'm a preaching nut, but I just do think that the world would be a much better place without religion.


Also in recent years, through the internet and an increasing number of US tv shows reaching us, I've sort of become shocked at how fundemental religion really is in the US and many parts of the world. I guess I used to think when people said they were praying for someone it was just an expression, and I've come to find out that no, people actually do pray to an invisible man in the sky. I guess I've been fortunate to grow up in a part of the world where religion is not part of daily life, and in fact it's a place where you can pretty much take for granted that people aren't religious.

Anyway, I'm just rambling on as usual, but I just thought I'd say hi. I might stick around, cheers.

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Hello and Welcome to T/A!
Nice to have you here and welcome, hope you stick around.

Howdy there Mac B,


Welcome to TA. Pull up a chair and stay a while. In the short time I've been here I've learned lots of things. We have what seems to be a plethora of thoughts, experiences and knowledge from a wide variety of people.


Feed your Head

and Take Care



Welcome to T|A

Welcome to a place of sanity and enlightenment ... wish I could say the same thing about life away from this site. 

I pray every day. I pray that intelligent humans will stand up and shed the need to believe in this farce they call faith. I was exposed to religion as a child, but not indoctrinated like so many. Now I live and work in a region that resents and demonizes all non-believers. You are fortunate to live in a country that isn't consumed by mindless sheep.


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