Cleveland is a sports town, but we've been through a drought. This weekend has the city on a high, with the Indians (hate the name, love the team) making it into the finals, and the Browns, after two straight wins with a young team led by the third string quarterback, showing itself to be a team that deserves respect.

I'm not a sports nut by any measure, but it sure is good to know that the city is feeling good about itself for something. 

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Do you really say, "Yay"?  Out loud, I mean...

Not really. It's kind of a literary convention to cover proud exclamations.

Come to think of it, sometimes people do say "Yay!" but not if they're really really excited.

Wouldn't you consider it somewhat irrational to base your happiness or sadness based upon the activities of 30 or so men who have absolutely no concern for you? Further, you have no ability or capacity to select which men will be in that group. Since it is Cleveland, a middle market town, and those men are paid to be here, if they get really good at what they do, they will be hired away to another town as soon as they show promise. 

I love Cleveland, I am kind of a booster. But the reasons I am proud to be here have not a thing to do with the local sports teams. 

Yay Cleveland! Here are some reasons why

Yay Cleveland! World renowned for health care

Yay Cleveland! Best Library system in the US.

Yay Cleveland! Home of the locavore food culture where chefs compete with each other to offer the freshest, best tasting foods for achievable prices.  

Cleveland has tons of problems, but is in a resurgence that I have seen before in other cities. Lots to feel good about. 

Love IS irrational! And to tell you the truth, probably 95% of the teams' members would rather be playing for a larger market team, but luckily (at least for the time being) we have a billionaire "angel" bankrolling the team, so they are probably happy enough.

Cleveland is rebounding from the burning river, "mistake on the lake" days, and sports is part of the town's identity. The Browns are one of the original NFL teams and the Indians go way way back as well. We don't have mountains or deserts or the ocean (reasons why, to tell the truth, I wish I were back in Portland, Oregon, where I lived for about 35 years), but Cleveland is my hometown, and after so many years of the city being a joke and punching bag, I just feel that the resurgence of its two top pro sports teams (I'd say the Cavaliers come in 3rd) is, at least, a rallying point.

BTW, when people look at the "reasons why" link, I want them to look at that Slyman's corned beef sandwich and ask themselves what corned beef sandwiches look like in their area.

Very funny. Actually, look closely and you'll see half a slice of Jewish rye peeking over the meat. What you see beyond is, believe it or not, THE OTHER HALF of the sandwich.

Corned beef on rye is a local delicacy. BTW, "corning" in this case has nothing to do with maize or Cornwall. It's a pickling process that infuses the meat with salt and spices.

A friend who grew up out of town told me she couldn't stand corned beef. All I can think is that perhaps her intro to corned beef was through the so-called "boiled dinner" where a slab or corned beef is cooked along with potatoes, carrots,and cabbage and served with some of the broth.

Nothing else on earth can come close to a good corned beef sandwich.

That's for one person?

That's one serving. Obviously, many people take leftovers home with them.

They should serve that with a free EKG, if you know what I mean, nyuck nyuck.

Reminds me of a certain deli I know in Denver (of all places) and their reubens and pastrami sandwiches.  I don't recall if they did corned beef or not.  May have to take a field trip to investigate.

I suppose if it does turn out Cleveland does better corned beef it's somewhat of a consolation for The Drive.

I imagine this could sum up Cleveland's attitude:

(I had to put it in, this thread needs a reference to religion.)

That was then, this is a corned beef sandwich.

The Yankees didn't fare as well as the Broncos. The Indians defeated the Yankees 22-4 on April 18, 2009. 

While the Yankees are arguably the most storied team in baseball, it is the lowly Indians who have dished out their worst defeats:


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