Yaay for New Mexico! We are on the map for something awesome!

Danielle you were the first person that came to mind when I read this news (in a good way :)

Lady Gaga is going to perform in SPACE!...launching from the New Mexico Spaceport (505 pride!!!!!)

Anyway....what could "Space Performances" mean for future entertainment....?

Does anybody besides me think this is awesome or what?

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Moderators: no this is not related to atheism per-se but it could venture into the "space/science catagory"....sort of. Lol

If an atheist posts it, it's related to atheism by a stretch. ;)

space= science= fine by me.

Lady Gaga is going to perform in space. Wow that is cool.

Hmm, how to dance there? Ahh, attached to bungie cords? Special, visually designed ones?

In any case, the act should be kept secret until it's showtime.

Hi Belle, Well New Mexico is in the news in Europe for its police being obsessed with the anal probing of traffic stop victims having delved deeply into the colon of one guy some half dozens times ! I gather that a gay mens club in Berlin is trying to arrange a group tour there for that very reason !





Perhaps those who glow in the dark just have the "Holy Spirit", or at least that is what your EPA tells them !

It should be David Bowie (Space Oddity) or Elton John (Rocket Man) not Lady Dada (LOL).

Or Billy Thorpe*. And if not the space opera classics, then at least a proper homage, which Lady Gaga could pull off.

*Except that he's dead.

Not a big fan of Lady Gaga. I'm a dirty old man, so I'd far rather see Katy Perry in a tight-fitting colorful vinyl dress with propeller nipples than Lady Gaga dressed up as a hunk of cheese or to look like she's performing in a toilet bowl or whatever dada-esque outfit she'd be dressed in.

Now, maybe if her hair, makeup, and wardrobe crew were to dress Gaga up in drag to look like Carl Sagan or Stephen Hawking, maybe then I could get into it.

I wonder if the Trans-Siberian Orchestra could perform in space. Hmmmmmmmm. THAT would be amazing! @unseen, hey about "lady dada" don't lie. You know you like it, lol!

The sponsors probably want to stick with petite solo artists who sing. Every pound of payload requires over 200 pounds of rocket fuel to get it into orbit. 

Author Mary Roach found many astronauts who said space flight is actually a horrible experience much of the time. Two cosmonauts actually compared it to spending time in a smelly prison: you can't leave, you can't step outside for fresh air, there's no privacy, and you're stuck with your cell mate no matter what.

This is why American astronauts are required to sign confidentiality agreements. The American perception that space travel is glamourous helps with public support and keeps the NASA budget in the black.

This is also why the space shuttle astronauts often didn't appear on camera for up to a few days after the launch into space. They were too busy cleaning up all the vomit (and sometimes, all the shit) floating around the shuttle. I kid you not.

There was another story about an experiment involving onions, which were supposed to be observed for growth patterns. Instead, the astronauts ate them because they were sick of processed food and wanted fresh vegetables. The scientist in charge of the experiment asked how the plants were doing. The astronauts said they were doing great. The scientist got excited until the astronauts finally said look, we ate your experiment and it was delicious.

The nutty, barfy, smelly crap that happens in space, stays in space, unless it's good for public relations. I'm sure if Lady Gaga becomes Lady Barf-Crap we won't be hearing about it. Not that I'd want to anyway.


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