Yaay for New Mexico! We are on the map for something awesome!

Danielle you were the first person that came to mind when I read this news (in a good way :)

Lady Gaga is going to perform in SPACE!...launching from the New Mexico Spaceport (505 pride!!!!!)

Anyway....what could "Space Performances" mean for future entertainment....?

Does anybody besides me think this is awesome or what?

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Moderators: no this is not related to atheism per-se but it could venture into the "space/science catagory"....sort of. Lol

Moderators: no this is not related to atheism per-se but it could venture into the "space/science catagory"....sort of. Lol

If an atheist posts it, it's related to atheism by a stretch. ;)

space= science= fine by me.

Lady Gaga is going to perform in space. Wow that is cool.

Hmm, how to dance there? Ahh, attached to bungie cords? Special, visually designed ones?

In any case, the act should be kept secret until it's showtime.

LOL bungie cords! That's such a good idea! I was wondering the same thing actually....and wondering how they're going to do the audience part. Lots of questions....
Aw shucks! The media LIES!!! LOL

Hi Belle, Well New Mexico is in the news in Europe for its police being obsessed with the anal probing of traffic stop victims having delved deeply into the colon of one guy some half dozens times ! I gather that a gay mens club in Berlin is trying to arrange a group tour there for that very reason !





Perhaps those who glow in the dark just have the "Holy Spirit", or at least that is what your EPA tells them !

@Nate, Nah I didn't have the hook up like you did, LOL!!! Everyone from NM knows there's nukes there though....(Or is that just another conspiracy theory?)

I get excited when I see cool stuff happen in NM because we're notorious for all the bad shit and yet NM is such an awesome place! Or am I just homesick?
LOL! NM is amazing. I love it SO much........ It's also full of all kinds of violence and corruption. You left around 93 right?? Well it's changed a lot since then. Plus you were in with kids who behaved themselves which is a definite plus for you even though you may not see it that way, I sort of wish my family had watched out for me more. Your mom was more of a mom to me than my own was. That's why I was always at your house! LOL....anyway, I ended up in with the wrong crowd and I'm still living the consequences of that. Google info in the NM violent crime rate. You'll be pretty shocked. It's taken a dip in the last few years a little bit because APD is amazing...but there's a LOT of problems NM faces. Shortage of water is least of their worries.


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